Korean Blockchain Pioneer Park Chang-ki Joins Solve.  care advisory board

Korean Blockchain Pioneer Park Chang-ki Joins Solve. care advisory board

Dr. Eun Lee (left), President of Solve.Care Korea and Mr. Park Chang-ki (right), member of the Advisory Board presenting their letter of appointment to the Advisory Board.

Park for focusing on making the SOLVE token the de facto global healthcare payment currency.

We have one of the most important authorities in the country in the field of blockchain technology coming on board to share his knowledge and experience.”

– Pradeep Joel, CEO of Solve.Care

Incheon, South Korea, September 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – Solution. Care Today, a healthcare platform company that leverages blockchain to deliver better care, higher accountability and lower risk has announced the appointment of Park Chang-ki to its advisory board.

Park is a pioneer in the Korean Blockchain industry, having created the country’s first cryptocurrency, BOScoin. He is the founder and chairman of GovernTech, Inc, a company that uses blockchain technology to create an ecosystem of public services that will be provided by the private sector without going through a central authority. Park has also supervised and advised on several initial coin offerings that have taken place in the country.

Park has already started work on helping the company better navigate the crypto market in Korea and internationally. The main areas of focus are tokens, improving the availability, acceptance, and rating of the SOLVE token. The company’s goal is to make SOLVE the de facto currency of healthcare payments by simplifying cross-border healthcare payments with a token, making it more accessible to patients and accepted by clinicians around the world.

Commenting on his appointment, Park Chang-ki said, “I am honored to join Solve.Care’s advisory board due to their mission to improve healthcare through decentralization and blockchain. They also have a strong leadership team. I am familiar with Dr. Eun Lee’s work and have great admiration for his capabilities. I admire Also with Pradeep Joel seeing how he wants to improve healthcare for Koreans. I am intrigued by the way Solve.Care uses blockchain to solve real-life challenges, particularly in healthcare for the benefit of society.”

Solve.Care President in Korea, Dr. Eun Lee, said, “Park Chang Ki is a leading figure for those familiar with the blockchain industry in Korea. Solve.Care is really fortunate to have such a high-caliber person on the company’s advisory board. I look forward to His contribution so that future projects such as Metaverse Hospital and others are successfully implemented.”

Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Joel stated, “With this appointment, Solve.Care Korea is well positioned to become the dominant market leader in South Korea. We have Dr. Lee who is one of the most respected healthcare professionals in the country, and now we have one of the The country’s top blockchain authorities (Park Chang-ki) are coming to share their knowledge and experience. Our goal is for every Korean to have Care.Wallet and SOLVE in their hands, and that they will use it to gain more options and improve their access and quality of care. The future of Solve.Care Korea Too bright.”

This news comes after a series of announcements made by the company regarding the Korean market. The most recent partnership agreement with Inha University. Blockchain consultants have also been worked on for Metaverse Doctors Alliance Where the SOLVE token will be adopted as the preferred payment currency for the upcoming metaverse hospital, and the partnership agreement with EMEDI Healthcare to integrate their smart rings into the Solve.Care Platform.

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