KX.finance announces the launch of the upcoming DeFi/DEX pool on the APTOS/SUI blockchain

KX.finance announces the launch of the upcoming DeFi/DEX pool on the APTOS/SUI blockchain

KX.finance The team is proud to announce the upcoming launch of a DeFi/DEX tool based on Aptos/Sui and bundled with aggregation capabilities.

According to LitePaper from the official website, this innovative new product will provide aggregation capabilities and solve three vulnerabilities of existing DEX and Aggregators:

  1. For End Users: They can earn cryptocurrency in many x-to-win ways and enjoy more DeFi games like PancakeSwap.
  2. For Liquidity Providers (LP): They can get more capital efficiency and lower cost
  3. For all users: They plan to provide more tradable “legacy” global assets to APTOS/SUI users with new asset types and bridges.

The company aims to expand its user base. On the consumer side, they have ported some games similar to PancakeSwap to Aptos and Sui platforms. The product looks more attractive to potential customers with the increased investment in Binance Labs in Aptos.

Now, users of the KX.finance platform will be able to earn and spend KX tokens through a variety of in-game actions.

KX.finance is committed to providing its clients with a more comprehensive trading experience. In addition, it aims to improve the services provided to liquidity providers through its platform. In the EVM ecosystem, Uniswap has made a perfect trade-off on it, with some EVM limitations. Now, APTOS & SUI MoveVM Runtime has some great features that support KX.finance and can do more complex things like:

  • Improving the effectiveness of the use of capital by the second version method.
  • Lowering the cost, reducing the time and fee expenses associated with changing positions in a v3 manner, KX.finance comes up with a new liquidity redistribution algorithm to rebalance.

The goal is to streamline and simplify the participation of liquidity providers, increase the efficiency of the capital use of liquidity providers and reduce the expenditure of time, dealing and human management.

In addition, the product roadmap is expanding to include more blockchain assets and DeFi solutions. By bridging existing chains or creating their own, they expect to facilitate asset trades. First, they will establish a connection between DeFi and assets on the BSC/ETH blockchain to KX.finance through Bridge so that they can perform cross-chain asset transactions based on the extremely high TPS blockchain.

Along with the assets of the EIP-3525 concept and the SFT now in development, the plan is to add more asset classes for trading. Because of the qualitative nature of NFT, it can be difficult to value and trade large NFT assets on a quantitative basis alone.

Because of the qualitative nature of NFT, it can be difficult to value and trade NFT assets in large quantities on a quantitative basis alone. To improve the liquidity of NFT assets held by end users, KX.finance aspires to facilitate SFT transactions in the DEX. Of course, LP NFT assets held by LPs can also be pledged with funds borrowed or otherwise available.

Overall, Aptos/Sui made significant contributions to Tier 1 innovation, and KX.finance has a good ability to develop the next generation of DeFi/DEX pools based on their great work.

What is KX.finance?

KX.finance is an upcoming DeFi/DEX Aggregator that will be built on the Aptos/Sui blockchain to help launch projects as well as manage revenue for users of the platform. The product rebalances the algorithm by providing LP with a deeper liquidity service infrastructure than other products on the Aptos/Sui blockchain ecosystem. This is done, by supporting new types of EIP-3525, SFT, and cross-chain asset transactions, creating a secure, liquid digital asset economy for users and LP partners.

The platform allows users to get more KX tokens in x-to-win ways, liquidity providers get more trading fees via an improved rebalancing algorithm, and of course the ability to trade almost any asset with a single DEX.

To learn more about KX.finance, visit:

website: https://www.kx.finance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kxfinance
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/kkGQhbmtD9
cable: https://t.me/KXFinance

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