Ledgible Ranks 5-Stars for Everyone Who Needs Crypto Data Solution

Ledgible is rated five stars for everyone who needs a data encryption solution

Ledgible offers a 5-star rating to organizations, businesses, and investors who need a data crypto solution.

As cryptocurrencies gain worldwide adoption and interest, the focus and scrutiny from regulators has increased. Paying taxes on cryptocurrency is mandatory in most countries, with no global regulation of cryptocurrencies, leaving many investors and institutions to fend for themselves.

Although tax rates for cryptocurrencies vary globally, most countries have taxed cryptocurrencies. Trading cryptocurrencies, using them to pay for goods or services, holding them as an investment, or using them in other ways all have potential tax implications. Delays in tax payments can also result in tax penalties, urging everyone to fulfill their crypto tax obligations as soon as possible.

But how do you calculate your tax liability? If you are a day trader, corporation, corporation, or average investor, it is very difficult to calculate your tax liability with thousands of transactions without help.

This is where the Ledgible platform comes in to save the day. With Ledgible, the crypto tax computation process is simplified and done automatically on the app, which can handle taxes for individuals and entire tax companies with hundreds to thousands of customers, even enterprise level and companies dealing with crypto.

What is ledgebel?

Legible was created in 2016. The platform was developed by a team of crypto and tax experts with the goal of simplifying crypto taxes. Ledgible’s accounting platform operates globally, while its tax products focus on US tax law, but can be adapted to serve tax codes in other countries as needed.

Ledgible is a US-based cryptocurrency accounting and tax solutions platform designed by the professionals at Ledgible with cryptocurrency professionals, businesses, and investors in mind. Ledgible offers its clients a leading crypto tax solution.

The platform provides two primary platforms that focus on different user areas, tax and accounting. Ledgible crypto tax platform identifies and calculates users’ crypto obligations with ease. It automatically provides a basic set of data such as portfolio balances, capital gains and losses, and exchange orders.

Moreover, it is one of the only platforms that have been audited by SOC 1 and 2 Type 2, which means that it is one of the most secure tools on the market. To expand its tax and accounting platform with a focus on cryptocurrencies, the company just closed a $20 million Series A funding round in June 2022.

The company will use the fundraising round to strengthen its position as a link between traditional finance and cryptocurrency and give investors and traders a clearer picture of tax reporting and portfolio management.

“Ledgible offers direct support to every client, from the smallest investor to the largest organization. Gathering, clearing, and getting crypto data into workflows doesn’t have to be difficult – Ledgible is here for you. “

Trevor English, VP, Ledgible

What does Ledgible offer to its users?

Ledgible Crypto Tax provides a number of reports for both individual investors, tax preparers, and businesses that deal with clients. Users can also use it for simple record keeping to keep track of crypto holdings throughout the year. These are the three core products of Ledgible.

  • Crypto tax payable to individuals

It’s a tax Producer Intended for individual files. This offer is available to everyone who must file taxes on their cryptocurrency holdings. With advanced manual entry, file import, and API options, users can add their own data sources, making them more capable than many of Ledgible’s competitors.

Ledgible also provides a current year plan and dashboard for a crypto wallet. It allows monitoring and tracking of annual crypto activity by analyzing asset holdings and disposals. Even better, tracking encryption with Ledgible is 100% free. You only pay for tax reports when tax season.

It allows users to add crypto transactions from any wallet or exchange. In addition to that, you can also add your wallets and exchanges supported locally via API integration. This allows automatic synchronization of transactions.

  • Ledgible Pro . Crypto Taxes

this is Producer Intended for use by tax experts, accountants and law firms. The platform enables tax professionals to quickly collect customer information, prepare reports, and manage tax filing, all in one simple tool.

It effectively provides tax professionals and accounting firms with the option of direct access to any cryptocurrency tax report their customers use, a few functions that no other crypto tax product offers. This process aims to make the cryptocurrency tax filing process as easy as possible for chartered accountants, accountants and tax professionals.

  • Accounting for cryptocurrency receivable

Accounting Receivable Makes cryptocurrency bookkeeping and enterprise business management easy. It provides a variety of reports to address every situation, from asset balances to profit or loss reports. These reports include capital gains and losses, transaction downloads, OFX reports, exchange orders and portfolio balances.

It also has integrations with all tax and accounting software (Quickbooks, Xero, TurboTax, UltraTax, CCH Axcess, etc.)

Ledgible Accounting is also used by some of the country’s largest institutions and financial technology providers, such as FIS, Thomson Reuters, and major US banks.

Flexible fee

Ledgible products have variable pricing. All three services are priced differently, based on user needs.

crypto tax

Users can use this product for free throughout the year. Users get free access to all product features. You are only charged if you need to view or download your reports. Crypto tax starts at $49 for reporting tax year and up to 200 transactions.

The price depends on the number of transactions. Users can access 200-1,000 transactions for an additional fee of $50, and an additional fee of $100 for each set of 2,500 transactions over 1,000.

cryptocurrency accounting

Businesses can start a free trial of this service for 30 days. After the trial period, if the companies are happy and want to continue, the Ledgible team is working on creating a plan tailored to meet the requirements of the users.

crypto tax pro

this is Crypto Tax Platform PRO provides tax experts with both paid and free plans. It allows accountants and companies to offer their services for crypto consulting and tax planning in addition to the standard tax filing for cryptocurrencies. To get started, tax professionals need to do this Fill out this form.

“Ledgible crypto accounting and tax platform provides the best crypto reporting – which is why it is trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations. The best part? Whether you are a retail investor, tax professional or a leading organization, we have the right solution for you. “

Holly Swertz, Vice President of Sales TAP

last thoughts

Analyzing and evaluating each tax reporting transaction is a hassle if you are a crypto trader, tax professional, organization or investor and do not have support from platforms like Ledgible. Ledgible’s easy-to-use platform helps tax experts, taxpayers, and businesses collect, normalize, and make understandable crypto data for tax reporting.

Ledgible has also partnered with prominent financial players, including FIS, US Bank, FISERV, Thomson Reuters and Silvergate. Ledgible should be your first choice if you are looking for a platform that can track your transactions, produce reports, and protect your data.


Many exchanges, blockchains, wallets, and accounting systems are supported by Ledgible. The full list is available over here.

You may receive transparent reports of your gains and/or losses throughout the tax year through the use of Ledgible Crypto Tax.

Along with CCH Axcess and all other important professional tax tools, Ledgible Crypto Tax Pro offers native connections with Thomson Reuters UltraTax, GoSystem, and other tax software providers.

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