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Lenovo Tech World 2022: Are you aiming to upgrade the metaverse?

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big lenovo Technology world 22 It happened this week and one of the most interesting sectors was related to what Microsoft called Holoportation. (Not surprisingly, she uses Hololens.) It also cured one of the biggest problems with metaverse meta Execution: realism.

Most people who have seen Meta have found an opinion on the future of mixed reality meetings that…people aren’t really ready to take part in a new service that makes Linden Labs”second lifeLooks good. (If Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, had wanted to re-create ‘Second Life,’ he could have bought it for a fraction of what his development efforts have cost so far.)

Specifically, what Lenovo has shown is an application that, rather than relying on cartoon avatars, uses a set of 3D scanners to create a highly realistic interactive avatar that can be used in virtual conferences and meetings. This, I think, is a game changer for the concept of metaverse conferences. It represents a much more practical future than what we’ve seen so far and could solve some of the problems inherent in virtual worlds.

Let me explain why (and why avatars need legs).

Feeling of the present

Whether we’re talking about the early days of video conferencing or current efforts with the metaverse, one of the primary problems for remote workers is that they don’t feel their presence. You have people who are on a job site clearly interacting with each other as people (because they exist and they are people), while people far away appear as 2D images or 3D avatars that not only look like poorly drawn cartoons but lack legs.

This lack of reality makes it difficult for remote workers to feel equal with those attending a physical meeting and highlights other problems. It’s hard to have side conversations if you’re not in the room, go for coffee or a meal after the meeting is over, or make any deeper—and more engaging—one-to-one connections.

While a more realistic avatar won’t fix the inability to participate outside of a meeting, it does provide a better reason to develop utility tools that can actually allow these missed opportunities to unfold. You might not want to have a long, heart-to-heart conversation with your cartoon avatar, but you probably already are an act Get more engaging conversations over Zoom or Microsoft Teams (or even using your phone without any video) today.

Creating a more realistic avatar should lead to better experiences in the meeting and the potential for better engagement after the meeting.

Mixed realism to win?

One of the biggest problems remote workers face is that people in workplaces see them in unfavorable conditions. Perhaps they are in casual attire while office workers wear suits and dresses, or they are surrounded by poorly rendered backdrops in rooms crowded with artifacts from home life. Using the rendered avatar (instead of the real one) allows the avatar to look its best (perfect hair, makeup, and clothes) and can better blend into a more realistic looking artificial background. You don’t have the issues that come with using a green screen – that weird white line around your body and the clearly static image behind you that everyone knows isn’t your real home.

Mixed reality can present remote employees in a better light than those in the workplace, because reality cannot be easily modified. This alone can drive employees to prefer remote meetings, reduce travel time and wasted commuting, while improving productivity and use of virtual reality conferencing tools.

It shows Lenovo creating a real-time scanned avatar that can appear as real and can always look its best, no matter the lack of sleep, bad clothes or messy backgrounds, the Meta has failed so far. Granted, the solution requires a lot of processing power, few 3D sensors, and space to allow the user to rescan when needed.

But all of these issues are relatively easy to solve, indicating that mass transmission is on the cusp of a major VR upgrade as we move to the next level in metaverse conferences.

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