Major Crypto Fund Youbi Capital Focuses on Singapore

Early VC Support Avalanche, Polkadot and Algorand aim to capture the migration of talent and users from Web2 to Web3

SingaporeAnd the September 27 2022 /PRNewswire/- Ubi Capitala leading VC fund in digital assets, is betting on Singapore To drive mainstream adoption of Web3.

As a consistent early supporter of elite projects such as aValanchAnd the dottedAnd the Algorand And the DeBankYoubi Capital has been quick to spot market opportunities.

The pursuit of the next wave of cryptocurrency winners is leading the company to focus on it Singapore As a cryptocurrency creation site.

CEO and Founder Chen Li He confessed Singapore Strategic value such as Asia Leading Cryptographic Center. investing in Singapore Crypto and blockchain companies have jumped to a record level $1.48 billion last year – Almost half Asia Pacific Total for 2021. Description Chen Singapore As a melting pot of technical talent from the “old and new” worlds.

Singapore It is a crossroads for Web2 founders to learn about the Web3 tech stack – and for Web3 founders to convert Web2 users.”

“Web2’s growing limitations and meager growth are resulting in a wave of immigrant talent. As these founders move towards Web3, we look to fund projects that bring users to the next generation. Singapore It is the perfect place for inspiration.”

Youbi Capital has invested in world-class solutions designed to create a sustainable and comprehensive Web3 infrastructure since 2017. Founded by top Wall Street investment professionals, owners of top bitcoin mining pools and seasoned crypto investors, Youbi Capital will leverage its background in the East and connections in the West to connect the two worlds. Singapore.

The fund has supported more than 100 blockchain projects, including early support for the underlying Layer 1 protocols. Youbi is also a proud early supporter of leading infrastructure and application projects in Asia such as dead oneAnd the Mason networkAnd the UnibaseAnd the mask netAnd the DoubleAnd the NFTGoAnd the gritty.

Youbi Capital is already playing an active role in Singapore The blockchain ecosystem, including support for events in Crypto Week in Asia. The week of various independent side events around Asia pioneering crypto event, 2049 . tokenFrom 26 September to 2 October. Chen has been appointed to represent Youbi Capital as a keynote speaker on the topic Select Web3 UX. “Ultimately, web3 is an infrastructure revolution that greatly reduces the cost of people’s collaboration,” Chen said. Even better, the cutting-edge technology stack means founders can bring web2 users into web3 integrations (such as dishonest wallets) without any impact on functionality. This could be the key to attracting millions more people to web3.”

Singapore It is fertile ground for financing new projects on ships, providing open ecosystems and ushering in an era of decentralization — simultaneously.”

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About Ubi Capital

Youbi Capital is a leading venture capital and digital asset accelerator focused on investing in projects that strip the functionality of infrastructure applications. The fund creates long-term value by investing in next-generation technologies and truly disruptive decentralized business applications.

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