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The Metaverse Charity Foundation wants to empower future generations through technology-based education.

If you are a frequent reader of our website, you must have seen us mention The Sandbox, Decentraland and Axie Infinity. These are some of the most common metaverses out there, and the one thing they all have in common is that they all have their origins in Asia.

While Asia is home to all of these metaverses, it suffers two main issuesIn the region, there is a large disparity between rural and urban as well as a large difference in wages between high- and low-skill occupations. The only way to resolve these issues is to level the playing field through skill building and education. This is where the Metaverse Charity Foundation comes in.

The Metaverse Charity Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to help young people in Hong Kong build the skills they need to gain employment on metaverse projects. We spoke to the team behind the foundation to give our readers the opportunity to be early members of this rising venture.

Presentation of the Metaverse Charitable Foundation

The Metaverse Charity Foundation is made up of a group of skilled business professionals from various backgrounds, including construction, metaverse, law, artificial intelligence (AI), marketing and tourism. They have all come to the common goal of distributing their knowledge and experience to disadvantaged youth in Hong Kong. Some of the experts joined by the Metaverse Charity Foundation are NFT Asia co-founder Elaine Shiu and Pantheon Labs CEO Ivan Lau. Despite their diverse backgrounds, one thing these experts have in common is that they all collectively believe in the potential of the metaverse.

Project estimates that the global metaverse market will reach 426.9 billion US dollars by 2027. However, for the sector to reach its full potential, it needs skilled personnel. today, 67% Many companies cannot keep pace with technological changes due to a lack of digital skills.

Although the future will be increasingly technology-driven, the foundation anticipates that topics related to metaverses and cryptocurrency will continue to be absent from the typical educational curriculum. To fill this gap, the Metaverse Charity Foundation seeks to bring in experts to conduct courses and seminars on these technology trends and keep them updated.

Enterprise goals

The Metaverse Charity Foundation directs its efforts towards upgrading the economically weaker sectors of Hong Kong society. The foundation plans to run classes on creating, minting and selling NFTs as a means of self-employment as well as offering classes on software, such as Maya and Photoshop. It will also match students with related projects so that they can get job opportunities building metaverse components.

According to the foundation, the future of education lies within the metaverse, and therefore he plans to create his own metaverse. Taking lessons inside the metaverse will help students Imagine concepts they are learning. This will be very beneficial to the education sector, given the extent of perception shown To improve student participation and help achieve desired learning outcomes.

The Foundation’s plans for the future: Tourism

With tourism experts on board, the foundation also intends to expand and provide government bodies and local businesses with the opportunity to promote Hong Kong within their metaverse. They believe that this would help revive the tourism industry in the region, which has been reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The foundation started in August of this year and has since been working on polling and recruiting members for its committees to bring the best possible team of teachers on board. To achieve its goals of making metaverse building skills accessible to all, it needs the support of like-minded companies and government agencies. If you are interested in supporting them or joining them in their efforts to make the metaverse an inclusive space, be sure to check out website!

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