MarketAcross has joined forces with Blockchain @ USC to launch the VanEck Southern California Blockchain Conference

MarketAcross has joined forces with Blockchain @ USC to launch the VanEck Southern California Blockchain Conference

The inaugural event will connect students and professionals in the blockchain community in Southern California, promoting the region as a Web3 innovation hub

Los Angeles, CA – News Direct – Blockchain @ USC

In keeping with the spirit of Blockchain@USC’s mission to educate and connect community members to the blockchain industry, the student-led group has teamed up with MarketAcross to launch the inaugural VanEck Southern California Blockchain Conference. From November 10-11, the USC Marshall School of Business will host the VanEck Southern California Blockchain Conference, featuring expert panels, demonstrations, and networking opportunities for both students and the global blockchain community. This two-day event will be held throughout the University of Southern California campus.

The inaugural conference, aimed at students and developers in the Southern California region, will bring together the expertise of Web3 founders, researchers, and investors from leading protocols, exchanges, marketing agencies, and funds. Attendees will be able to hear expert opinions and make new connections across the global blockchain community. The conference was sponsored by USC Marshall School of Business, VanEck, a16z, Messari, Bitcoin Association, NGC Ventures, Ava Labs, BNB Chain, Chainwire, MarketAcross and Aptos.

“After speaking with several students, it was clear that this type of immersion was necessary,” said Anthony Burkes, faculty member at the Greve Center for Entrepreneurship Studies. “Yes, attendees will hear from leaders in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse, and more, but they will also take part in workshops and lessons designed to blast the builders of the future. We are proud to have now created the largest blockchain event in Southern California.”

Notable keynote speakers joining the conference include Ark Invest CEO Kathy Wood, a16z partner Jeff Amico, Zuckerberg Media founder Randi Zuckerberg, Frax Finance founder Sam Kazemian, Pantera Capital Partner Lauren Stephanian, Pentagon CEO Jai Bhavnani, President American Sandbox CEO Matthew Nozareth, and President of Dragonfly. From Talent Zack Skelly, Makers Fund Manager Andrew Wilson, EthSign Co-Founder Jack Xu, Moon Holdings General Partner Thomas Vu, and ProofofLearn CEO Sheila Marcelo.

Commenting on the upcoming event, Gabriel Perez, Director of Blockchain @ USC, said, “It is very exciting to be able to connect our ambitious community of blockchain enthusiasts and developers with globally recognized names driving the Web3 revolution. Since the inception of the Web3 concept, the community has been the backbone of innovation, and I I am confident that future breakthroughs in the space will be the result of our continued and open collaboration, communication, and conviction in the potential of Web3.”

Conference presentations, panels, and workshops will bring together industry insights, emerging trends, and cutting-edge research by bringing together perspectives from leading infrastructure providers, CeFi founders, DeFi experts, and NFT developers. Participants will get access to technical workshops covering topics such as hybrid smart contracts along with opportunities to engage face-to-face with other community members at social events.

According to Itay Elizur, Managing Partner at MarketAcross Partner Managing, Itay Elizur, “We are very encouraged by the stellar community of future industry leaders that Blockchain @ USC is nurturing, and we are excited to play a role in supporting this important Web3 conversation.” “It is both impressive and inspiring that students and the blockchain community can unite around a collective mission and, in turn, champion an effort to transform this region into a global hub for Web 3.”

Registration for the VanEck Southern California Blockchain Conference is open and accessible over here.

About USC Marshall School of Business

USC Marshall is a leading business school located in the Experiential Learning Lab in Los Angeles, the creative capital of the world and one of the truly world’s greatest cities. The mission of the Marshall School is to embrace transformative ideas and translate them into world-changing impact. To appreciate and embrace the broader impacts of innovation, Marshall imbues future business leaders with a deep appreciation of the far-reaching disruptive consequences of innovation, the significant value of inclusion throughout society, and the ever-increasing societal responsibilities of business.

About Blockchain @ USC

Founded in 2018, Blockchain@USC is a student-led organization that helps grow the USC blockchain community. The organization advances blockchain technology through a range of value-added experiences designed to educate and encourage a community of over 300 members. By collaborating with leading blockchain institutions, Blockchain@USC makes it a mission to promote Web3 development through talks, activities, and educational events while using its platform to connect enterprising community members with the emerging blockchain industry.

About MarketAcross

Since its inception in 2013, MarketAcross has progressed to become a seasoned and accomplished blockchain PR and Marketing firm that offers comprehensive marketing coverage for blockchain initiatives operating around the world. MarketAcross has worked alongside industry-leading exchanges and blockchains including Polkadot, Solana, Binance, and Polygon, helping these projects expand their reach and awareness among the crypto and blockchain audiences.

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