Metafluence advertises the use of hyperrealism

Metafluence advertises the use of hyperrealism

LONDON, UK, Sep 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Metafluence, an immersive, live and influential social Metaverse company with multiple virtual properties for influencers, brands and everyone else, has announced the use of super-realistic metahumans in Metaverse. While metahumans have been around for a long time, Metafluence is publishing it in its virtual city, Metafluence City.

Metafluence City aims to connect brands, influencers and their audience in the Metaverse. Through this city, Metafluence will give users the opportunity to view and auction NFTs, organize meetings and conferences, create e-commerce stores, purchase virtual real estate such as land plots, and interact regularly with influencers and brands globally.

Super-realistic Metahumans launches on Metafluence on August 10, 2022, and will drive widespread adoption and bring more users into the emerging virtual world.

Ultra-realistic Metahumans and the City of Metafluence

Metafluence has created many realistic superhumans and is gradually deploying them to the Metaverse. The first transhuman, Luna, is a compassionate, gentle, fun, highly mysterious and intelligent influencer who regularly educates users about the potential of artificial intelligence. [AI] And how universal adoption can be a profitable venture. Luna loves to show her reaction to current AI, NFT, and Metaverse news on social media, and Metafluence hopes that such feedback will help attract more users.

Metafluence’s super-realistic humans are highly faithful and able to replicate the physical appearance of the owner in digital format. They are designed to mimic and mimic their owner’s behavior and act as an avatar on the Metaverse. Additionally, when successfully combined with AI, such as the Metafluence plans, they can act independently as AI proficients and Metaverse influencers.

Historic day for Team Metafluence

Metafluence also launched the hyper-realistic Metafluence City, on August 10, 2022, along with metahumans. Metafluence City is an influencer-led, Metaverse-based city for brands, influencers and millions of fans around the world to easily buy virtual properties, socialize and interact with millions of others. The hyper-realistic world of Metafluence City is built on four main pillars: virtual spaces (Land Plots and Metahuts), HD avatars (Metahumans), socialization, and monetization (new income models).

Inscribed as a historic Metafluence Day, August 10 saw, for the first time, Metafluence team members, influencers, community members, brands, KOLs, and fans spending a lot of time with their avatars.

Since that memorable day, the Metafluence team has continued to make regular updates of the virtual city to ensure a better user experience for users. The Metafluence Alpha test version of the virtual city was the team’s first foray into the world arena, offering exceptional features ranging from avatar interactions to group avatars, voice chat, text chat, multiple avatar creation, video recording, etc.

Metafluence hopes, through these highly realistic metahumans and the city of Metafluence, to pioneer a new trend in the Metaverse. Many large companies and global brands have joined the trend of Metaverse and Web3. However, the critical problem remains – mass adoption.

Metafluence understands the barrier and how to eliminate it, thus developing an easy-to-use social metaverse platform that incentivizes influencers to bring fans into their virtual spaces and keep them roaming by engaging in one-on-one immersive formats. With its influencer-led nature, Metafluence City will bring together audiences of diverse influencers from all nationalities and industries.

About Metafluence

Metafluence is the first influencer-led Metaverse platform to provide users with a virtual city to connect with brands, influencers and millions of fans. Through Metafluence City, Metafluence will allow users to view their NFTs, create Metacommerce stores, organize meetings, and interact with others on a more personal level.

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