Metaverse is built to make an impact on your business

Metaverse is built to make an impact on your business

Dubai has entered the metaverse, becoming one of the countries working to implement and promote technology. After China, Dubai launched its Metaverse strategy to generate $4 billion and creating 40,000 jobs in the industry. With this strategy, Dubai has set its goal of becoming one of the largest metaverse centers in the world.

How does Dubai plan to influence business with Metaverse?

Through its Metaverse strategy, Dubai is creating a pro-business environment that allows them to set up operations in the metaverse. As part of its strategy, Dubai will provide companies with infrastructure, policies and regulations to help them adapt quickly to new technology.

Businesses in the tourism, education, retail, real estate and government sectors are in the central policy crosshairs of the new strategy. Moreover, the government and the authority that oversees implementation also revealed a new metric, the total output of Metaverse.

This is done to focus on the importance of the metaverse technology and to ensure that it becomes an important contributor to the future economy. The Minister of State, Omar Al Ulama, says, “The total products of Metaverse will be able to generate billions of dollars in revenue from Dubai without people being physically present in the emirate but experiencing it in the Metaverse region.”

In each sector, relevant authorities and bodies will be established to help companies in that industry quickly enter the metaverse. This will benefit the company owners and entrepreneurs as they will get manual support to start their operations.

Even better, the Ministry of Economy establishes its office in the Metaverse region. This service site will provide a complete experience for people in the digital world. This service site has a hall; He can hold conferences, meetings, contract negotiations, etc. The entire experience is dedicated to imitating the experiences of the physical world.

EXGOLAND creates a replica of Dubai in the Metaverse

EXGOLAND It is a metaverse-based ecosystem that provides businesses with the right platform and opportunities to set up, build, operate and operate businesses within the digital world. Their map resembles regional aspects of Dubai’s landscape. This is the first metaverse in the MENA region featuring a wide range of features and functionality.

The fully accessible landscape of EXGOLAND is represented by a 2D map containing 50,000 plots of land. The three different land sizes include;

  1. 16 x 16

  1. 32 x 32

  1. 64 x 64

Business owners and entrepreneurs can purchase these lands using EXGO codes or credit cards. They can build and operate stores and provide services from these stores. The shop floor can also be minted.

Moreover, business-friendly features include low transaction fees and land consolidation. These features allow business owners to set up their operations at lower costs. They can also have duplicate avatars in the metaverse representing their original selves.

Companies can also set up games and hold events for entertainment and advertising. For example, fun concerts within the metaverse can help them attract audiences.

With business owners buying land, they can generate rent and earn royalties. Overall, all features and functionality within EXGOLAND are intended to benefit business owners and facilitate their entry into the metaverse space. In addition, EXGOLAND is accessible to everyone as it can be accessed from iOS and Android devices.

Designed with immersive graphics and user-friendly interfaces, EXGOLAND aims to make business transition to the metaverse easier.

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