Mext B2B Metaverse announces Suppliers Day to explore supplier trends and innovations in 2022

Mext B2B Metaverse announces Suppliers Day to explore supplier trends and innovations in 2022

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Supplier Agenda

Supplier Agenda

Get a free Metaverse demo platform at

Get a free Metaverse demo platform at

We organize a live broadcast to bring together the major players in the supplier ecosystem and participate in the Tomorrow supply chain.

We are pleased to host a live broadcast of Supplier Day with leading experts. This event in the Metaverse is a great opportunity for the public to learn about tomorrow’s supply chain.”

– Hanin Moubas, CEO of Mixt

Paris, LE-DE-FRANCE, France, 20 October 2022 / – The community organizes the Mixt B2B Metaverse Suppliers The Day Live event brings together professionals, designers, engineers, innovators, influencers, addicts and manufacturers from across the Supplier Day ecosystem to explore technology trends and innovations in 2022 for Suppliers Da.

Suppliers Day aims to focus on supply chain innovations and priorities for the high tech industry. The truth is that high-performance supply chains play a key role not only in handling today’s economies, but also in enabling high-tech companies to create increased value. The event will hold a conference program on the latest high-tech supply chain innovations. Additionally, the Mext Metaverse will be organized in a way that showcases your high-tech supply chain and helps you find tomorrow’s suppliers on top of Supplier Day is an excellent networking opportunity. It brings hundreds of players in the Mext Metaverse to work together on new products and projects to arrive at “optimal supply chain processes” for their products and thus high-performance business outcomes.

In this conference, we will focus on getting the latest innovations and trends in supplier development to help our high-tech community, to meet key new challenges for companies, build their own roadmap and find their next partners. We will dive deep into Tomorrow’s supply chain.

Among the speakers, you will meet technology leaders in the transportation and logistics industry as well as most well-known startups with disruptive technologies.

To learn about the event’s speakers and attendees, please visit the event’s LinkedIn page by clicking on this link

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• Build new leads every day

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Hanin Moubas, CEO of Mext, explains the intention of this event:
“We are delighted to host the Supplier Day live broadcast with leading experts. This event in the Metaverse is a great opportunity for the public to learn about tomorrow’s supply chain. ».

Everyone can also ask questions during sessions on the session chat or Twitter using the hashtag #askmextb2bmetaverse.

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Limited seats on the discussion board will be available to media who wish to join the online conference stage and participate in the virtual press room content and interviews.

Media are invited to send an email to

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