Mooners and Shakers: Dogechain has pumped 250% over the past week;  Is Bitcoin Finally Awake?

Mooners and Shakers: Dogechain has pumped 250% over the past week; Is Bitcoin Finally Awake?

Bitcoin Moves (Maybe), Aptos Recovers, Bitboy Furious, Earnings Calls Loom and Dogechain Wagging His Tail. Welcome to another week in coding.

We’ll start with Bitcoin and the endless speculation about what hell he’s likely to do next, if anything at all.

The leading digital asset has become less volatile than both the Nasdaq and the S&P 500, it has been Reported by CNBC and others recently – the first time this has happened since 2020, apparently.

Is there something about to give? Is this something that happens in the end? Analysts have called for a major breakout to the upside or downside for more than a week. BTC has made some rally over the past few hours, so let’s see what some expert chart watchers have to say.

Van de Poppe is optimistic.

Perhaps as is Kevin Svenson.

Meanwhile, Credible Crypto is claiming $100,000 Bitcoin in 2023. Although it expects a “blowout top” there and then a bear market that’s worse than the one we’re in right now. Jeepers.

Finally, Crypto Ed sets his eyes on a “green week ahead” and “il Capo of Crypto” sticks to the $21,000 retracement forecast, followed by a pullback dump into the $14,000-16K range.

Predictions, predictions and predictions. Whatever happens in the short term, there is hope Larry Leppard’s Six-Year Vision for Bitcoin play it out.

So what, though, will make up the most compelling narrative? There are a few things. The next meeting of the US Federal Reserve is on November 2. this is the question.

Another factor could be this week’s technical stock earnings calls. On Tuesday, Microsoft and Google will announce their third-quarter statuses, and Apple and Amazon will do the same on Thursday.

This is likely to have some effect on stock market sentiment. Like it or not, crypto is still closely related to the performance of tech stocks. Just something to watch out for

What’s all the fuss about Bitboy, FTX, and SBF?

Widely followed, YouTube influencer Bitboy was loudly shouting and angry on his channel recently about the head of FTX crypto exchange Sam Bankman-Fried (also known as SBF).

The beef stems in part from a tweet posted by Bankman-Fried about the possibility of FTX deleting crypto assets that it might consider securities.

Bitboy is a big supporter of not only XRP but Cardano (ADA), which he believes the FTX and SBF are trying to invalidate in the US.

SBF posted a file Articles Last week he dismantled his preferred regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency industry, and that included lobbying to regulate using blacklists or ban lists – where individuals can trade freely unless they are expressly approved.

SBF’s vision hasn’t gone down well with large parts of the crypto community – enthusiasts of decentralization, decentralized finance, and a libertarian worldview.

“You can advocate for effective altruism, or you can advocate that 80 million innocent Iranians be barred from the future of global finance,” ShapeShift founder Eric Voorhees tweeted. “You can’t do both.”

Anyway, let’s move on to the juicy part, which is Bitboy’s hustle (including a crack at Bankless podcast host Ryan Sean Adams). You can see some of them at the bottom of this new Twitter thread from SBF, which attempts to address many of the crypto community’s concerns.

In some daily price movement.

Overview of the top 10

With the total cryptocurrency market cap at $981 billion, up around 2.2% since this time yesterday, here is the current state of play among the top 10 tokens – according to Queen Gekko.

Bitcoin made a boost above $19,600 about an hour ago at the time of writing. It is heading towards the weekly close and if it can do that in green then maybe we can get some bullish momentum during the week.

Dr Jeff Ross, CEO of Vailshire Capital, wants a daily close above $21,000 before turning bullish again. Little work to achieve this at the time of writing.

Upper and lower parts: 11-100

Crossing a market cap range of between $6.9 billion and approximately $413 million in the rest of the top 100, let’s find some of the biggest gainers and losers 24 hours a day at press time. (Stats are accurate at time of publication, based on data.)

daily pumps

• Clayton (KLAY), (market capitalization: $575 million) + 33%

• Code XChange (TKX), (mc: 1.15 billion USD) + 20%

• Aptos (APT), (MC: 1.26 million USD) + 10%

• Casper network (CSPR), (MC: 495 million USD) + 9%

• avi (AAVE), (MC: $1.25 billion) + 8%

daily skis

• series (XCN), (market capitalization: $1.25 billion) -3%

• maker (MKR), (MC: $873 million) -2%

• Quantity (QNT), (MC: 2.54 billion USD) -2%

• Hopi (HT), (MC: 1.13 billion USD) -1%

• Chili’s (CHZ), (MC: $986 million) -1%

Dogechain Pumps On Burning Proposal News

If we look a lot further down the list of market capitalization (#394 on CoinGecko’s list), we find Dogechain (DC) and a short time ago he was leading the daily pumping of all cryptocurrencies, with a profit of close to 40% over 24 hours.

It is currently up more than 250% in seven days.

What is remade?

Launched in August of this year, Dogechain is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract network built with Polygon Edge and marketed as a Dogecoin “layer 2” network (DOGE).

It is primarily about providing smart contract capabilities to the Dogecoin community and allowing users to link DOGE to the Dogechain network in order to access its applications – such as Uniswap-style AMMs (DogeSwap and DogeShrek) and possibly future NFT/GameFi offerings, among other protocols.

Why is it pumped? It is very likely because there is a proposal by the Dogechain Corporation to burn 80% of the total supply of DC tokens, as well as reduce the maturity period on airdrops for early backers of the series.

about blocks

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