More than reality at the 2022 Metaverse Music Festival in Decentraland

The blockchain ecosystem is developing rapidly, and the metaverse is a new innovation in the sector. Platforms like Decentraland and OVER have greatly promoted this development.

Decentraland was the first decentralized metaverse that allowed users to develop, use, and monetize content and applications, and to engage in a wide range of community-driven activities. As a leading company, Decentraland events are taken seriously with the latest four-day Metaverse Music Festival.

The festival celebrated music, innovation, culture and creativity and drew an all-star cast from Dillon Francis, Soulja Boy, Motorhead, Megadeth, Akira Eldon, Grammatic, Yoko, Arabo, Plastic Funk, Salim Ellessi and Lumfit.

Decentraland can also count on several collaborators, including Over the Reality. OVER’s vision is to build a world where people can use augmented reality to enhance and integrate routine activities. The MVMF22 It was a great opportunity to advance further.

About Decentraland MVMF22 Reality: Historical Engagement

Over the Reality participated in the Decentraland event for the first time ever. The two web3 platforms have come together to create a unique event across the metaverse where technological innovation is not the main focus but a critical component in promoting music, energy, warmth and fun around the world.

The 2022 Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival, which took place from November 10th to November 13th, was a massive success for OVER. From a technical perspective, OVER has been able to reach new results thanks to its experience.

The 2022 Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival allowed OVER to put on a over app and the OVER Metaverse ecosystem through additional testing.

The OVER team has done its best to provide the best results and a fun environment for all users who want to take part in this amazing and unheard of event.

User experience was the primary consideration during project development. To make it easier for people to access the OVER Metaverse, a QR code has been included in Decentraland.

The OVER stage, made in Decentraland and OVER, has attracted people all over the world. Attendees watched their symbolic dances using world animations while listening to musical performances by famous performers around the world.

With the built-in chat feature and spatial audio, the participants can also communicate with each other.

The experience was a great example of how the Metaverse can contribute greatly to both online and offline events. The OVER team expects that all events will move in this direction.

The team at OVER had fun working on a collaboration with the Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival in 2022. The team had a great time dancing, socializing and getting to know the locals.

About partnership

OVER is an AR platform built on the blockchain. Users can live interactive AR experiences tailored to the real world using a mobile smartphone or smart glass – OVER standard in AR based on user location experiences.

By adding a new dimension to appreciation, the relationship between Decentraland and OVER presents an opportunity to improve traditional entertainment experiences.

DJs, producers, and artists performed at MVMF, the first cross-metaverse collaboration between the two platforms, which also featured an interactive DJ setlist on stage OVER.

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