MyLand Earth Metaverse announces the winners of the 2022 MyLand Metaverse™ Logo Contest

MyLand Earth Metaverse announces the winners of the 2022 MyLand Metaverse™ Logo Contest

MyLand Metaverse™ has announced the winners of five categories of the 2022 MyLand Metaverse™ Logo Contest.

MyLand Metaverse™ located at is a 1 to 1 digital twin of planet Earth with virtual NFT proof of land ownership.

MyLand Metaverse™ – Create a New Land

MyLand Metaverse™ located at is a 1 to 1 digital twin of Planet Earth with NFT Proof of Ownership.

MyLand Metaverse™ Digital Earth

Since the first land-based Metaverse is backed by all ETH/MATIC credit cards and crypto, the base price for NFT on the MyLand platform is $0.21 per lot

MyLand.Earth offers a unique Metaverse development and virtual real estate opportunity with entire world land locations available to NFT collectors and Metaverse developers of all levels. “

– Kevin McInerney

Silicon Valley, California, United States, September 21, 2022 / – Silicon Valley, CA, September 21, 2022 – MyLand Metaverse™ is built for Earth Develop Metaverse and Global Wildlife Conservation Efforts, announced the winners of three categories in the logo competition of 8 finalists. Winners are voted on and selected by the MyLand Metaverse™ Community and MyLand Metaverse™ Project Team on the Discord social media platform.
The top three winners in the prize category of the 2022 MyLand Metaverse™ Logo Contest receive a $5,000 in-game prize. With the most community votes, the Metaverse Pache CCity development project is the winner of the 2022 MyLand Metaverse™ Logo Competition worth $2,000 in-game MyLand. The Winner-Select 2022 Prize for the MyLand Metaverse™ Logo is a two-way bond between the designer with the Discord Neveroninn and Answer user names, who are awarded $1,000.00 per Myland in-game token. Queen Alice is the winner of the MyLand Metaverse™ Logo Contest 2022 Challenger for $1,000.00 in-game.
Thank you to all logo contest participants and congratulations to all winners. “We are excited about the community’s response and the final works of talented designers,” says Kevin McInerney, Project Lead for MyLand Metaverse™. “The designs of the four finalists not only reflect the creativity of the designers, but also the innovative spirit of the MyLand community.”
MyLand Metaverse™ is the first NFT-ready Metaverse, based on virtual land ownership in the world’s first land-based Metaverse that is supported by all major crypto credit cards and payment methods. MyLand Earth-based Metaverse is set to create a third-party application development platform that allows game developers and content creators to create a 3D replica of physical Earth, providing an immersive experience for global Metaverse users. Users will visit MyLand Metaverse™ Earth sites, entertain and enjoy virtual travel, social networking, attending sporting events, concerts, etc.
Started by a team of veteran Blockchain engineers, digital artists, and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, MyLand Metaverse™ began launching an ICO in the first quarter of 2023.
Since the launch of the gaming platform on June 28, more than 80,000 virtual plots have been sold in NFTs in the first month of launch. Global gamers, app developers, digital content creators and Metaverse enthusiasts have flocked to the MyLand Metaverse™ website at for MyLand’s unique digital design of land and land availability at an affordable cost.
MyLand Metaverse™ plans to create world-class travel destinations with Metaverse experiences for online users so that they can enjoy immersive Metaverse experiences and tours of the natural landmarks of the Himalayas and the Eiffel Tower, from the comfort of their living room anywhere in the world.

Kevin McInerney, Myland Metaverse Project Lead says, “On the MyLand Metaverse platform, we will have a community of global digital artists, content creators and Metaverse investors, app and game developers working together to build our Metaverse and reach our virtual destination in the next two years. The transformation from the internet will be Traditional to Web 3 is phenomenal.”
MyLand.Earth Metaverse allows NFT collectors and Metaverse developers to buy and sell virtual plots of land in NFTs and historical sites anywhere in the world on Historic sites sell out quickly. Investors are encouraged to contact the MyLand Project team on Discord at To receive referral codes for a discount.
For detailed information on events for the MyLand Logo Contest and MyLand Project NFT, and token details, please join the MyLand Metaverse™ Discord Server and visit Project roadmap and worksheet. You can also contact the MyLand project team through the social media platforms below.





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2022 MyLand Metaverse™ Logo Contest – Community Invitation to Vote and Contest until September 15th

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