MusicStart: a new blockchain-based service for protecting works that helps creators get off to a good start in the music business

New Blockchain-Based Business Protection Service That Helps Creatives Get Off to a Good Start in Music

ParisAnd the October 18 2022 /PRNewswire/- At a time when the music industry is undergoing unprecedented changes in uses and distribution methods, Sacem’s innovative approach is constantly putting technological opportunities into practice to better serve its members. Today, through its subsidiary URights, Sacem launches Musicstart, a service that allows all authors or composers, including beginners, to create proof of seniority for their creations in just a few minutes.

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Protecting works: the first essential step in the creative process.

Today, music creators can independently write, compose, distribute and even promote their work, but the issue of protecting their rights remains a central issue, closely related to the issue of remuneration.

Musicstart is a 100% digital service that allows you to easily create proof of a business’s seniority using blockchain technology. Users provide key information about their creation, transfer of the associated file (lyrics, score, music) and obtain a certificate of seniority, associated with a forgery-resistant fingerprint on the blockchain, which can be used in the event of a legal dispute.

A simple, fast and environmentally responsible service for creators anywhere in the world.

Musicstart is for all creators – beginners, experts, beat makers or bedroom producers – and especially for those who are not yet members of a collective management organization like Sacem.

In an effort to meet everyone’s needs, two pricing schemes are available:

One time protection (per file): 3.99 €

Monthly subscriptions (Unlimited Protection): €4.99 per month (you can cancel at any time)

Through this simple, low-cost service, Sacem, through its subsidiary URights, connects with young, reactive creators to protect their work before it is distributed.

The service will develop in the future on two fronts: internationalization, with the addition of new languages ​​and currencies; Service improvements including the ability to add participating creators and their IPI numbers; Then each splits into action. Sacem members will also be able to access it directly from their portal in the coming months.

Sensitive to environmental issues, Sacem has chosen to use it TezosBlockchain with a consensus mechanism based on Proof of Stake. This technology allows validation of energy-saving transactions.

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Cecil Raab Weber, CEO of Sacem: “Musicstart represents a new phase in Sacem’s quest to develop more and more of the value associated with music publishing for the benefit of those who create it. We have become a global leader in collective management because we have always been able to respond to the constant changes in the way music is created and distributed through technological innovation and our ability to negotiate with major players on the web. Today, with new challenges emerging with the emergence of uses such as NFTs and the metaverse, and as challenges related to transparency and business traceability persist, Sacem offers this new answer to the fundamental question of protecting works, especially for creators who are just beginning their careers.”

Julian DumontD., Director of Development, Phono and Digital, and CEO of Affiliate URights: “The launch of Musicstart marks a turning point for Sacem and a first step in the development of its subsidiary URights. For many years, Sacem has repeatedly demonstrated its expertise and ability to adapt to the ever-changing music market. In addition, we are always committed to supporting creators and making them aware of copyrights. Musicstart fits perfectly with this philosophy: it’s a simple, scalable service that adapts to the challenges of today’s creators. Our ambition is to make this service accessible to as many people as possible, in both France and abroad, particularly through partnerships with major players in the music industry. »

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