Next Earth metaverse launch board successfully publishes its first project, RisingStar

Next Earth metaverse launch board successfully publishes its first project, RisingStar

Virtual avatar of RisingStar in 3D environment

With the help of Next Earth, the Los Angeles-based production studio aims to revolutionize the entertainment industry within the metaverse.

RisingStar’s unique 3D / Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality content combined with the Earth-based metaverse of Next Earth opens up endless possibilities: think of an interactive 3D / virtual reality party on the virtual Eiffel Tower.”

– Gabor Ritvalvi, CEO of Next Earth

Los Angeles, California, USA, October 7, 2022 / – next earthOne of the biggest metaverses out there, closed its first token with great success. rising starthe first project on the Next Earth Launchpad, aims to revolutionize the entertainment industry within metaverse. The pre-sale was intended to hit $80,000, but the collaboration more than doubled between September 21 and 27. The preview was available exclusively to those who own the land in the metaverse and hold some of its original token, NXTT. The public sale of RisingStar’s private token, STAR, began on September 27 on the Uniswap decentralized exchange.

RisingStar is a Los Angeles-based production studio that creates massive videos and web3 content for brands, artists, athletes, and influencers. The unique 3D / VR / AR technology not only ensures a smooth transition between “real” and virtual reality, but aims to create interactive content that blurs the line between content creators and their viewers. By making the content interactive, fans can join the production not just as passive participants, but as active participants, and even creators, in this new experience.

To create this unique, vibrant, 3D content, RisingStar uses a 1,000 square meter mobile green screen space with 40 cameras in a studio in Los Angeles. These avatars and digital productions will be distributed on the Entertainment On Demand platform. Users will be able to browse, recommend, take, and transfer these products to a different context as they wish. “RisingStar’s unique 3D/Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality content combined with the Earth-based metaverse of Next Earth opens up endless possibilities: think of an interactive 3D/VR party at the Eiffel Tower, or any stadium in the world,” he says. Gabor Ritvavi, CEO of Next Earth. He continues, “This collaboration provides a perfect example of how we imagine Metafire: Third-party partners and companies provide services through Next Earth, creating a foundation for an ecosystem and benefiting the properties of landowners.”

Besides providing an interactive experience for users, RisingStar aims to revolutionize how artists and influencers monetize their content, thus earning additional revenue. This is where the STAR token comes in: its benefit gives users the opportunity to purchase additional content, such as custom NFTs from their top models, while content creators can guarantee a better return by storing STAR tokens. “We couldn’t have wished for a better partner than Next Earth in developing RisingStar’s 3 web presence. They helped us create a sustainable business model and tokens perfect for achieving our goals. We can’t wait to see the possibilities this collaboration will bring to the The Entertainment Industry and Metaverse.

With over 45,000 landowners, Next Earth is one of the world’s largest metavers and the world’s first Earth metaverse running on the blockchain. Its vision is to make the metaverse accessible to every company and everyone in the world, and to create an entire virtual ecosystem on the platform. One of the tools for this is the Next Earth token launcher, Next Earth Launchpad. This supports the encoding of high-quality projects related to the Next Earth metaverse by making them available to users before they are released to the public. This gives projects early access to capital, while allowing users to be early investors in projects closely related to the platform, after the people at Next Earth have done their due diligence. The latest successful launch of RisingStar was Next Earth’s first offshore launch project, following the successful launch of the metaverse token, NXTT, in January.

Next Earth will announce more collaborations and launch platform projects in the coming months. In addition, the Next Earth application and marketplace are being revamped, and an API (Application Programming Interface) is created to allow anyone to develop an application, software, or service on the Next Earth platform. The latter is expected to bring hundreds or even thousands of companies and applications to Next Earth in the coming months.

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RisingStar x Next Earth – The first project coming from Earth Launchpad with the Motion Capture studio in Los Angeles

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