OmniaVerse launches Apex blockchain with zero gas fees

OmniaVerse launches Apex blockchain with zero gas fees

OmniaVerse is a web 3 startup that is delivering at a fast pace. The company recently expanded its services by launching a custom blockchain solution known as Apex Blockchain

TORONTO, ON – (Newsfile Corp. – September 28, 2022) – In recent development, OmniaVerse released its Apex blockchain solution on September 11, 2022. OmniaVerse integrates web3 technology with the gaming, arts and collectibles industries through a unique ecosystem.

Recognizing the need to enhance security, performance, and reliability over existing blockchains, OmniaVerse saw value in building custom blockchains to power its ecosystem. It gives them better control over the aspects that matter to them, such as scalability and security. Their goal is to support their own OmniaVerse ecosystem and create an environment for other developers. To support growth in Apex and to help new ideas become reality, Apex hosts an acceleration program that introduces the first five projects:

The Apex blockchain is highly scalable and has achieved tested speeds of up to 150,000 transactions per second. Apex also works with zero real “gas fees”, thus overcoming the transaction costs problem that plagues other blockchains. Other key features include:

With the launch of Apex, OmniaVerse has expanded strategic partnerships to ensure safety and security are at the forefront. To support the ongoing development and maintenance of Apex, the OmniaVerse team has partnered with Kaleido, a leading provider of enterprise blockchain solutions. In addition to ensuring that their blockchain is robust and secure, this partnership provides a dedicated team for blockchain maintenance and technical support.

Security is the mainstay of the Apex blockchain and OmniaVerse has implemented a dedicated blockchain application firewall that protects against attacks like DDoS. The team has also partnered with blockchain security experts, Soken, which ensures that “security and safety are built in.” Soken will provide the OmniaVerse team with intelligent contract reviews, security advisory, and legal and listing services. To further emphasize security, OmniaVerse has also partnered with CloudFlare to provide enterprise-grade security for nodes on the Apex blockchain. Cloudflare is a global network designed to make everything you connect to the Internet secure, private, fast and reliable.

OmniaVerse has also secured an official Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with its all-in-one crypto trading platform Sphynx Labs. The Sphynx team will integrate the Apex blockchain into their platform and allow the Apex native coins to be linked to other blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum.

About OmniaVerse:

The OmniaVerse ecosystem already has many active features, including Dapp and Android/iOS apps, which act as a gateway to interacting with the OmniaVerse environment. OmniaVerse ultimately aims to launch a fully functional metaverse with land, structures, businesses, games, entertainment and the macro economy. Users of the platform can create, buy and sell characters, skins, weapons, vehicles, pets, and entire worlds as NFTs for use throughout the metaverse. They have already developed and released game-neutral NFTs that can be used in a number of games and applications that support .GLB and .3D files, including many available on popular virtual reality (VR) headsets.

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