PAWSOME 3D NFT Metaverse game launches on Qi Blockchain in

PAWSOME 3D NFT Metaverse game launches on Qi Blockchain in

LONDON, UK, October 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The gaming industry is larger than the music and film industries combined. Until the discovery of NFTs, users were not able to own in-game items or trade them on a secondary market. Thus, any in-game purchases are worthless once the player loses interest. NFTs have opened up a whole new world of opportunities in gaming. Users can now resell in-game items or rent them to other players for a fee. And that’s what the newly released PAWSOME 3D game offers, along with a fun-filled gaming experience.

possum It is a 3D mobile metaverse game based on the Qi blockchain (pronounced Chie) in the original QIE currency. Pawsome allows users to create 10,000 unique first-generation dogs on the blockchain, each with unique attributes. Users can increase these attributes by purchasing items in the in-game pet store and challenging friends or other players to compete for QIE cryptocurrency in online races. Each dog is a non-fungible token or NFT on the QI Blockchain and cannot be duplicated, as is the nature of NFTs. By breeding these 10,000 unique Generation 0 dogs with the initial 10 species, users can create other species using an advanced algorithm and obtain dogs with optimal DNA for the race.

Players can buy and sell these dogs at the Hovr NFT Marketplace after they have been minted at Pawsome. Each dog is minted randomly, so the element of surprise is always there. Players can’t tell if they’ll get the next Olympic winner or the fat guy who prefers lying in front of the TV. Finding the right breed with the desired trait is the key here.

In the race, you win the top 3 dogs that beat the others QIE. Pawsome uses a unique breeding algorithm and determines race results based on traits. Therefore, it is advisable to create valuable dogs by breeding the best dogs for racing and trading them in the market for a decent profit.

Choosing the Qi blockchain was critical to the success and long-term sustainability of Bosom. Ethereum couldn’t handle the large volume of Cryptokitties, but the QI Blockchain was designed to scale it up. So, the only way to trade this futuristic game is with QIE, the original currency of the Metaverse! Also, Qi allows decentralized ownership of NFTs, ensuring relative transparency and completely eliminating fraud cases.


1. Connect your metamask wallet

2. Buy the best dog and collect as many as possible

3. Perfect DNA generation

4. Online racing

5. Earn QIE Cryptocurrency

Pawsome can be considered as an advanced version of Cryptokitties, which was responsible for more than 25% of all transactions on Ethereum at one time. Here are the features that players like the most:

  • Pawsome is about the most popular animal in the world – dogs
  • Pawsome 3D
  • Users can earn cryptocurrency by playing Pawsome
  • The collected dogs have a purpose, which is to race in the metaverse
  • Created 5 times fewer dogs than Generation 0 to ensure rarity and increase value
  • Pawsome is built on the Qi Blockchain, thus charging 100 times lower transaction fees than Cryptokitties

For players who love dogs or want to make some quick money, PAWSOME will be a perfect opportunity!

Examples of Pawsome dogs:




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