Polkadot and Metacade – New Blockchain Projects in 2023

While we have seen the massive fall in this current bear market. This gives scope to some of the lesser-known projects and blockchains that may be overshadowed by the media spotlight.

Turn your attention to these two new and upcoming names. dripper is a blockchain ready to launch to stardom if plans go well from the blockchain team. Then there is metacadthe newly announced Web3 gaming platform that attempts to revolutionize both crypto and gaming as a whole.

Read further to find out about some of the top names appearing crypto games And how can you get in on the action to secure those early wins and gaming memories!

Polkadot Blockchain to look for

Polkadot is Undisputed Blockchain Providing the latest technologies that allow communication between different blockchains. This is through their interoperability model.

Polkadot is often considered the killer of Ethereum due to its fast transaction speeds and low gas fees. Something that Ethereum has historically been scrutinized for.

Overall, Polkadot price has been able to reach 3x since the token has been a huge hit among traders to date. November 2021 saw highs of $52, 2500% increase from its starting price of $2.

It’s currently around $6, respectively.

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As we see more and more well-established brands using web 3 technology, using what Polkadot can offer with interoperability would be a valid advantage. Different blockchains can communicate effectively with each other creating a smoother experience across the board blockchain list For both consumers and brands.

With the progression of blockchain gaming, we’ve seen some great titles being hosted on Polkadot Blockchain. Some of them include:

  • Domi online
  • Archeworld
  • Polkapets
  • Exedme
  • Neuroverse
  • Polychain monsters

Be sure to check them out if you want to try new ways to play on the blockchain and start earning today! Be sure to give these titles a thorough research before you start investing, just so you know what you’re getting yourself into.


The web2 gaming platforms are second to none on Steam and more recently the Epic Games Store. However, Web3 is looking to change the way we approach games in both gameplay and social aspects.

Metacad is soon to be the epicenter of metaverse gaming New updates to the platform are scheduled to be launched in the coming months until 2023.

Powered by the $MCADE token built on the ERC20 network. Players will be able to contribute to the platform to earn their respected token. Whether you share reviews of your favorite games, share a gamefi related alpha, or climb your way to the top of the leaderboards, you can earn lucrative MCADE token rewards through your participation.

One thing we recommend you pay attention to are the main developer features hosted by Metacade. It is scheduled to be released in 2023 and will be a pioneer in the field of Web3 games.


Image credit | metacad

While many previous platforms such as Steam tended to take a large portion of the profits from development teams, Metacade is looking to change this traditional model. The ‘Metagrant schemeIt will be a groundbreaking addition to the platform as new projects that are highest rated by fans will receive grants for the future development of their games. Putting both players and teams ahead of their brand growth and profits. The amazing stuff.

Here are some other ways you can Metacad ecosystem Will last in the long run:

  • Advertising earnings
  • Tournaments / events / prize draws
  • Job listings
  • Pay to play arcade
  • Game testing and community access


The official pre-launch of the Metacade token is here! This is the perfect time to get involved in the action at a critical early stage. Avoid any future hype if you like the sound of this project.

total $1.4 billion worth of MCADE tokens will be available More than 9 stages. Accumulation of 70% of the entire distribution of the token. The earlier you buy the coin, the cheaper the token will be, which means the potential returns could be higher if the project gains traction in the future.

For 1 USDT you can get 125 MCADE in return, with the last stage of issuance you will get 50 MCADE for 1 USDT.

To learn more about Metacade and what’s coming from it, be sure to visit its official website. Here you will find more about blockchain esports Upcoming games and giveaways platform to celebrate the release.

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