Rare Effect Volume 3 returns to Lisbon

Rare Effect Volume 3 returns to Lisbon

The first crypto art festival in Europe, rare effect, is coming back bigger and better this month to Lisbon, Portugal. From October 27 to November 6, Arroz Estudios, an acclaimed workspace and event for emerging artists to showcase their work, will host the exciting event that promises to bring together art lovers, musicians and creative communities from around the world. The project is supported by DGArtes And the near the establishment The non-profit organization that advocates for Web3 social impact development projects built on the world’s fastest growing, climate-neutral blockchain, Near.

Now in its second year, Rare Effect will explore the relationship between the physical world and the digital world, creating a bridge between the world of traditional art and the Metaverse. Rare Effect 2022 will feature over 90 national and international artists, a 10-day music program with famous musicians, panel discussions and workshops on crypto art, Web3 and cryptocurrency, as well as interactive installations and performances including virtual and augmented reality, installations and light sculptures.

During the day, the event space will showcase six different exhibition spaces filled with artwork and digital installations. At night, the venue will host concerts with local and international international music artists. List of musicians can be found over here.

Designed and built with a community of creatives and enthusiasts, this project showcases local and international artists and educates them about future technologies. This year’s Rare Impact theme is building awareness about the issues surrounding immigration. The rare-impact open call goes on to say, “Migration is happening all around us. It is part of the annual cycle of many animals and is necessary to speed us through the world of technology. As humans, we have developed the ability to migrate, but it is not always a privilege that we all give.”

Through the concept of relay, artists will present and present many different genres and media of digital art, for example, screen-based cryptography, virtual reality, augmented reality, projections, performances, music and cultural paintings to discuss what is happening and changing in the cultural and technological worlds.

The topic of migration is divided into five categories:

  • Climatic migration – the forced migration of humans and species due to climate change.
  • Transhumanism – the migration of human consciousness into computer systems.
  • Freedom of movement and forced displacement of people due to conflict or persecution (refugee).
  • Seasonal migration systems such as flocks, flocks and pods.
  • Improvement vs. Renewal – The process of city development and how we can nurture our communities as they grow.

As with previous editions, Rare Effect Vol. 3 will showcase and share the possibilities that technology brings to the art world. From innovative media exhibitions to the use of tokens/NFTs and crypto wallets, visitors can interact with art installations as well as break down some of the barriers that exist between what is physical and what is real.

Designed, designed and built by a community of artists, creators and enthusiasts from around the world – Rare Effect is an event not to be missed. “We are more than just a festival and we have kept the same mission going since Rare Effect Vol. We embody the digital world, a sandbox of ideas and creativity, and an event to stimulate experimentation,” said Stephen McKay, co-founder and president of Arroz Studios.

For more information about the event and to get tickets, visit website.

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