Rebus Announces General Coin Distribution via Osmosis – Bitcoin News Press Release

Rebus Announces General Coin Distribution via Osmosis – Bitcoin News Press Release

Press release. RebusChain, a platform set to bring DeFi into the mainstream, was announced by announcing General Coin Distribution (PCD) late this summer. PCD means that those who support its mission can now get coins via the Liquidity Bootstrap Pool (LBP) on the osmosis network, and this marks a major milestone for the Rebus project, following the successful announcements of several financial partnerships and the platform.

The founding team at Rebus has a unique grounding in entrepreneurship, cyber security, traditional finance, and the emerging DeFi field. CTO and COO Pier Stabilini and Nicola Onassis, respectively, have experience working together and starting new businesses. Introduced to Paolo Baroni, Head of Financial Products, the three saw an immediate opportunity to do something big, and Repos was born.

A model for new technology markets, the DeFi space is very delicate and still evolving. However, all people should have access to blockchain-based transaction tools – it is the most reliable transaction method that humans have developed. The demand for DeFi access was more important than sharing, and the problem was complexity. Rebus was created to provide better answers to two difficult questions “How do I get into DeFi, and what can I do with it?” Rebus opens a significant growth path for the entire DeFi space by eliminating complexity and paving the way for more benefits.

Rebus ($REBUS) is a useful currency within the RebusChain platform that meets regulations and allows for fast, secure and low-cost transactions. REBUS (along with the Rebus Investment Platform) is the regulatory tool through which all of this can be achieved. The team continues to grow and build a strong community around the goal of improving the world of business transactions.

RebusChain is a platform that will clearly and conveniently provide DeFi (Decentralized Finance) investment opportunities for traditional investors. By creating a platform that allows TradFi homes such as asset managers, financial planners and others. For the transfer of DeFi products, crypto investment certification will be opened to full markets for both institutional and individual investors. Demand for existing crypto assets will increase with offerings to traditional clients of Rebus Financial Partnerships (representing over $5 billion in assets and growing) and new opportunities for existing crypto investors to put their assets to work to earn income via the Rebus Partners platform.

The general distribution of the coins will start the public circulation of REBUS in dollars, which will be available on a few central and decentralized platforms. On September 12, 2022the REBUS airdrop took place, an event that officially started the launch of the RebusChain platform.

The coin will also be available via LBP on the Osmosis platform, which is a type of automated market maker (AMM) explicitly designed for token launch and sales. With LBP, tokens are distributed to achieve an initial price discovery of $REBUS.

The role of $REBUS in the RebusChain platform is to organize transactions. The value of the token will be derived from the number of transactions on RebusChain, making $REBUS an attractive prospect as the crypto moves toward the hyper-adoption phase as utilities rise and complexity goes down. Essentially, it supports and hedges any investments made in the Cosmos ecosystem.

In addition, $REBUS will use blockchain technology to meet regulatory requirements without giving up liquidity. In general, the $REBUS token will have three basic functions on the RebusChain platform:

  • Pay all transactions, fees, and services that occur within the RebusChain ecosystem
  • Secure the network with proof of stake
  • Providing on-chain governance for the RebusChain Ethical pool and community fundraising

Visit the website for more information about the project, its founders, its partners, and the financial products to be launched (Q1 CY23′).

RebusChain believes that decentralized investment opportunities should be provided to traditional investors in a way that is convenient and easy to understand. The project aims to implement a set of financial products that suit the needs of its users and customers. RebusChain is active on many social media platforms, including cableAnd the discordAnd the Twitter. Or visit the project on its website Official Website.

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