Smobler Studios creates first metaverse wedding set in Singapore

Sandbox’s first Metaverse wedding takes place at El Kef Palace in Singapore

SingaporeAnd the September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/- 1-GroupAnd the Smuller Studios And the The sandbox You are taking virtual reality to the next level by using the metaverse not just for gaming, but for sacred marriage. The first-ever wedding took place at The Sandbox as well as in real life as a collective virtual common space. What might not be traditionally possible or acceptable in Asian weddings can now be made possible in the metaverse. so the groom Clarence ChanCEO of Bandwagon, and the bride Joan Tham They had their gorgeous 1970s wedding on September 17 at “The Alkaff Mansion” in Metaverse.

The heritage wedding venue enters the Metaverse

Decorated with a gazebo and European-style fountains with welcoming outdoor spaces, The Alkaff Mansion for Group 1 hosted some of the Singapore Most perfect garden weddings over the past decades. The Alkaff Mansion has a wide staircase of handrails, green canopies, and wide balconies, making it a great wedding venue – now in the metaverse as well.

For this wedding, metaverse architecture firm Smobler Studios and Web3 design agency created assets through The Sandbox to recreate the Alkaff Palace and its signature architecture. Guests of the newlyweds’ physical wedding in a hotel had a fictional virtual world to live in vicariously. 70’s custom avatars danced to music after voxel resemblance Sebastien BourgetSandbox co-founder and COO presided over the metaverse wedding, speaking for husband and wife.

“We are delighted to be able to pave the way for the future of weddings and intimate gatherings, where wonderful memories are formed in a place where we can continue to replay them. Singapore Most of the romantic sites are located opposite the luscious greenery. We are so happy that the elegance and beauty of Palais El Kef has been so beautifully replicated in The Sandbox by Smobler Studios,” Jesse TanMarketing representative of Kasr El Kef.

Sandbox is a platform that allows players and creators to interact in virtual reality in their own unique and customizable way. It also gives them full ownership of the assets they create or purchase known as non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

sealed with a virtual kiss

The couple’s avatars, tailored to their personalities and wedding attire, were drawn by Sebastian’s avatar. For the big occasion, they exchanged their first kiss in the metaverse as a married couple. After that romantic moment, the couple made their virtual break, leaving their guests to continue enjoying the rest of the wedding in real life.

A digital wedding is so customizable that it can be shaped as much as one can take in one’s imagination. Couples can let their fairytale dreams come true around the world, all without the costs and restrictions of a physical wedding in a post-pandemic world.

Loretta ChenCo-founder of Smobler Studios stated, “We are delighted with our creativity Singapore The first-ever metaverse wedding with Clarence and Joan at The Sandbox. The platform allows friends, family and loved ones from afar to join the celebrations all over the world. We’re just exploring the tip of the iceberg with this inaugural wedding. We can’t wait to see what other couples decide to create in time, whether it’s a fairy tale, bohemian-defying cuteness, Star Wars-inspired, or Bridgerton’s wedding. Even the sky is no longer the limit for the open midline.”

1- Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, Joseph OngHe says, “It was a privilege to host Clarence and Joan on their special day, and to work with Smobler Studios on this wedding. The metaverse is still developing, but we can see that it has helped push the boundaries of what weddings and events can be. We can create opportunities for loved ones. For gathering on very important occasions, like this wedding, even when physical travel is not possible for some.We can show our venues to people who have never visited SingaporeWe look forward to bringing more experiences from 1-Group of premium and heritage properties to the metaverse. “

After this exciting wedding, 1-Group will continue to partner with Smobler Studios to use phygital technology and the metaverse for weddings, events or events. This would be the beginning of a revolutionary phase in events centered around the metaverse or coexisting like a phygital.

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