SandStorm launches on-demand Metaverse with 5 virtual world partners

SandStorm launches on-demand Metaverse with 5 virtual world partners

Tampa, Florida, August 30, 2022, Chenwire

The largest metaverse builder community Sandstorm It launched its own self-serve proposals, making it easier for brands to hire on-demand builders. SandStorm is a building marketplace that currently spans 5 virtual worlds and eventually plans to expand throughout the entire open metaverse.

Through direct partnerships with virtual worlds, they have enabled brands to bring building proposals to market where thousands of certified builders can bid for the work. The release of self-serve proposals positions SandStorm as a mainstay for building and scaling virtual real estate alongside the entire open metaverse market. Lowering the barrier to entry for brands to hire creators is an essential step forward to provide more work for the metaverse creator economy.

As SandStorm continues to establish the metaverse construction marketplace with a community of more than 500,000 builders and enthusiasts, this week SandStorm announced its fifth global virtual partnership with the metaverse virtual commerce, SPACE. Through these virtual world partnerships, brands can now hire SandStorm builders to launch experiences in Sandbox, Decentraland, Immersed, TCG World and SPACE.

“We are excited for SandStorm builders to offer brands more unique functionality as they can now enter multiple virtual worlds. With self-service building proposals, for the first time, brands themselves can easily hire on-demand builders to unlock a vision that fits their specific business needs. Companies create virtual headquarters Remote work to reduce overheads, a virtual shopping experience selling merchandise, an event space to host virtual concerts, a full employee training experience, and much more.”

– Steve McGarry, CEO of SandStorm

JP Morgan predicts that the metaverse will become a $1 trillion market opportunity in annual revenue and virtual worlds will penetrate every sector in some way over the coming years. SandStorm is set to serve as the primary platform for web2 brands entering the web3 virtual world and to support the vast majority of real estate building over the next two years. Equipping individual builders and studios with the set of tools they need to start and scale their SandStorm businesses is a key component of establishing the market.

With 16 virtual worlds in the SandStorm queue and thousands of builders eager to bid on brand-release versions, the self-service function launch has been in the works for months. There is an untapped demand for smaller budgets to test the waters of the metaverse before diving into full trials. Building proposals on SandStorm average $1,000 for avatars and wearables and go up to $50,000 to make up the full metaverse experience. Each show receives 7-10 bids from award-winning studios and individual builders within a few days similar to Upwork. Once builders have been screened and selected by brands based on their profiles, teams of 1 to 10 builders are assigned to bring the brand’s vision into the metaverse.

Similar to Airbnb and Uber in 2008 and 2009 as the shared economy markets took off, SandStorm is at the fore in the fickle creative economy. Each builder has a profile with reviews to display their completed builds, verified badges based on skills, and 3D work minted on blockchainand a social diagram for the development of the following.

As a featured startup at this year’s Web Summit, SandStorm will be showing self-service building proposals publicly to thousands of attendees and investors next week. This standout demo enables thousands of metaverse creators on SandStorm to showcase their work to big brands. To follow SandStorm announcements and more about how to test the waters of the metaverse with a constructive suggestion, check out the SandStorm Marketplace here:

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About SandStorm

Sandstorm It connects brands with the best builders of the on-demand virtual world, breaking down barriers to entering the metaverse. Using SandStorm’s unique ‘offer and bid’ platform, brands can easily submit an offer, accept bids, and hire virtual property builders in their desired metaverses. In the meantime, builders can take advantage of a file To connect with clients that will give them a global audience and showcase their skills. Learn more:


Executive Director
Steve McGarry
SandStorm Media Inc.

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