Scopernia launches Imagin3 Studio to meet demand for Web3 and metaverse - News

Scopernia launches Imagin3 Studio to meet demand for Web3 and metaverse – News

Imagin3 will help companies tap into the $30 trillion metaverse market potential, while also actively contributing to the Dubai Metaverse strategy.

Dado van Bettijam and Jeremy Denesty.

Posted: Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 9:19 pm

Scopernia, a leading Dubai-based management consulting firm, has launched a custom vertical called Imagin3 Studio to meet the region’s growing Web3 and metaverse demand, help companies future-proof their product and service offerings, and boost the booming growing economy of the UAE.

Imagin3 Studio will aid Dubai’s vision to become the metaverse capital of the world by helping organizations enter and participate in the metaverse through a hub for Web3 real-time experiences. The studio aims to be the partner of choice for organizations looking to take advantage of the third iteration of the World Wide Web, which is based on decentralized, transparent, and blockchain-based technologies combined with digital identity ownership, which forms the basis of the metaverse, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies.

Speaking about the launch of Imagin3 Studio, Scopernia Managing Partner Jeremy Denesty said: “First impressions are important. As such, we have created the perfect first point of contact for organizations to understand the metaverse and test how their offerings, stakeholder interactions and ultimately the bottom line can benefit. The studio will achieve this by providing access to the world’s most advanced and interconnected ecosystems along with a dynamic and enabling environment, where the business community can thrive within the metaverse.”

Imagin3 Studio’s parent company Scopernia already works with notable names in the region, such as the Chalhoub Group, Dubai Chambers, Majid Al Futtaim, TUMI, luxury Trafalgar Group, GSK, ENGIE and Level Shoes. Following its launch, Imagine3 Studio will embark on a comprehensive Web3 approach, which includes education, strategy, conceptualization, and implementation, as well as integrating metaverse experiences into the brands’ customer offerings.

Deep integration with Web3 can not only unlock doors for enhanced digital integration, community building, loyalty programs, and events, but also unlock potential new business models and completely redefine existing business models.

Scopernia co-founder Dado Van Peteghem said: “The dawn of a new digital age brings with it new opportunities for growth. The intersection of content, commerce, and new age technologies will soon have a ripple effect. Imagine3 Studio is ready for such a change and will accelerate sustainable business growth by guiding companies on how to reinvent their existing brands, understand new business models, and leverage strategies to be fit for the future.”

Through the Dubai Metaverse strategy, the emirate has already put in place a comprehensive, future-proof plan to add more than 40,000 virtual jobs and $4 billion in UAE value within the next five years. Globally, the metaverse market is expected to reach $30 trillion within 15 years. Given this potential, the strategy was launched to attract more than 1,000 companies to the blockchain and metaverse domains.

To begin planning for such a future, companies will need to build on the 2D transactional nature of Web2.0 and welcome 3D integrated hardware tools, cloud-based infrastructure, as well as a connected, forward-facing workforce.

With the launch of Imagin3 Studio, Scopernia will help companies in the region take advantage of the Web3 and metaverse to create their own advantages in highly competitive markets.

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