Sephora brings Sephora to the metaphor

Sephora brings Sephora to the metaphor

Sephoria’s annual event, held in virtual format for the second year in a row, was the latest example of a beauty company leaning into the metaverse.

With 16,000 attendees globally, this year’s September 18 event added an NFT gift and more interactive games to the virtual “House party” format unveiled in 2021.

Like last year, attendees can click through a series of virtual “rooms” where they can watch live master classes and participate in games to collect redeemable tokens. By popular demand, the number of games has been increased this year, and users are allowed to redeem five tokens for 500 points in Sephora’s Beauty Insider loyalty program.

Jess Stacy, Sephora svp for external communications, events and experiential marketing, said demand remains high for virtual events.

“We knew when we started planning for 2022 that we had a really great foundation and a strong case” after 2021, which drew 5,000 people, she said. “We heard loud and clear that our customers were very excited for us to come back and create another version in 2022.”

This year was also added to the NFT Scholarship for Entrants, which Sephora sees as a foray into metaverse-related marketing. Users created a total of 8,000 digital wallets to collect their NFTs, and 6,500 NFTs were sent using the Polygon blockchain.

“It was very important that the NFTs were free for any customer to be able to collect them,” Stacey said.

Sephoria initially launched as an in-person event in 2018. It was held back in 2019 before being discontinued when the pandemic hit. In 2021, he returned for the first time in virtual form.

Live and pre-recorded video events with brands, influencers, and beauty founders were the most popular feature, and the Sephora Collection main chapter was the leader in views. Danessa Merricks, Patrick Starr, and Gwen Stefani were among the founders who appeared in the videos, which included a live audience chat. Among the games, Tetris-like “Pressy pile up” has seen the most games.

Sharing our tips and tricks while participating in the live chat really resonated,” said Myricks, makeup artist and founder of Danessa Myricks Beauty, who took part in a live class of the event. Users were able to participate in the live broadcast through the attached chat feature. “Even though it was digital, the energy was high and the love was real. It was a great spot amongst our exciting clients, and a beautiful, fun and engaging way to introduce it to the brand’s new potential clients.” The brand used the event for the first time in a new board. She said it achieved record sales in the brand’s color palette category.

Gwen Stefani also appeared in a video promoting her brand GXVE Beauty. “The virtual Sephoria conference was a great opportunity for GXVE Beauty to interact with Sephora’s makeup-obsessed audience and to increase love for the brand and connect with our founder, Gwen,” said brand commercial director Lindsey Rugentian.

Many brands used the event to share their new product launches. To showcase Starrr’s video, influencer-turned-founder of One/Size is promoting the newly launched Disney “Fantasia” collaboration. Amber Placke, Vice President of Sales and Accounts at One/Size, said the brand “has strong marketing and social coverage, as well as increased brand awareness across Sephoria.”

According to Stacey, physical and virtual events are not going anywhere. Sephora plans to combine IRL and virtual aspects of Sephoria 2023.

“As we think about how we can develop our experimental strategy, we definitely want to be able to ensure that we can provide attendees with the flexibility to attend the way they want to, whether that’s in virtual space or whether it’s live. We certainly see hybrid, as it relates to Sophora, being The way forward as we approach 2023.

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