Tech founder Idris Sandu launches LNQ Marketplace as fashion hits the blockchain

Tech founder Idris Sandu launches LNQ Marketplace as fashion hits the blockchain

Idris Sandu He is a 25-year-old technologist and founder of Spatial Labs, an impact-driven technology incubator backed by venture capital firm Marcy Ventures, founded by JayZ. since launch LNQ سوق Market In May this year with Gen One Hardwear Group, the decentralized retail ecosystem redefined the buy, own and sell experience with fashion via the first blockchain-enabled fashion line.

Sandow, a philosopher of design, is the creator of the wearable internet, changing the paradigm and reimagining the channel for products and fashion that interact between the digital and physical worlds. While companies like Meta and Oculus design headphones to put you in a virtual world. We [Spatial Labs] He says, “How can we leverage the power of blockchain to improve the physical products you have in the real world, but still allow you to bring that into the virtual world?” Sandu explains.

The sale of the LNQ collection and Gen One Hardwear in a matter of a few days captured the attention of fashionistas, street fashion enthusiasts and tech consumers. Each LNQ Marketplace item uses a token that is embedded with LNQ’s innovative LNQ One Microchip with blockchain technology. The embedded chip then provides authentication for each buyer and seller and complete transparency of product life cycles.

Digital Architect Sandow, based in Los Angeles, California, was born in Accra, Ghana, and raised in Compton, California. Sandu recalls, “I grew up in Compton, Ghana. My mom raised me as a single parent with nothing. I had a library I went to for two years to learn how to code. I took that information, combined it with my understanding of hip-hop, fashion, and culture, and it gave me an insane amount of ability To think unlike anyone else in technology. I want to give this gift, distinction, and responsibility to the next generation.”

His interest in technology initially caught the attention of late rapper Nipsey Hussle. The two minds will work together to create the first ever smart retail store experience, which laid the foundation for Spatial Labs or Labswhich JayZ has linked to his appearance as a prominent investor in the company.

Sandu explains, “People ask ‘Why fashion?'” I grew up on hip-hop – the newest tech person in the room. Some of my friends went to change the fashion space, like Jerry Lorenzo. Create the basics. With Essentials, it’s impossible not to look cool. I think I’ve always been a trendy person. My goal isn’t to be the creative director For Louis Vuitton or Balenciaga, my goal is to build an infrastructure that can support fashion, to build the next Apple of this generation.”

“I am 25 years old – I consider Generation Z. The majority of the technology created was made by people older than me, for my consumption, but I never contribute to it. [They] than the previous generation, and my generation did not contribute as much to the production of technology as we did to its consumption.”

LNQ سوق Market It redefines how we buy, own and sell in the physical and digital worlds. There are also the attractive qualities of the platform, one size fits all models. LNQ offers consumer-developed Pantone colors for hues that suit them, while LNQ acts as a gateway to the Metaverse when scanned with an iPhone. Each scanned item is an industry first, allowing the wearer to attend real and virtual events, with accessible social media profiles, Discords playlists, and Spotify, for example.

Following on from LNQ’s May launch of Gen One Hardwear at its first Spatial Labs Keynote event, key elements of the new LNQ Marketplace collection include the Gen One double-lined jacket designed in partnership with Pantone color authority and available in six custom colors, the Cloud Gen One Clog, and an exclusive smart shirt. 1 of 1.

“LNQ is built on the idea of ​​creating real-world facilities and creating products that provide a fully immersive experience,” says sLabs founder, Iddris Sandu. “We were thrilled with the consumer response to our first drop in Gen One Hardwear, and with the launch of the LNQ Marketplace, we’re excited to give our community a decentralized space to connect more and bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.”

Industries are developing ideas for new ways to purchase items, whether it’s fashion for you or your home, using 3D design and artificial intelligence, and finding ways in Web3 to engage a growing consumer base. Purchased items can be worn in the real world but are embedded with blockchain-enabled technology, enabling LNQ One Microchip to consumers.

Sandu notes, “The universal law I like to apply to everything is a game of repetition and efficiency. Education has to be divided for a new generation. The tools that are being introduced are very slow. We have the ability to google something and we no longer have to sit in libraries and go 40 pages to get On the part of the information. But the education system did not accept that.”

Similar to companies like W3AR
For example, which is Web3’s original platform for creating premium physical and digital clothing, LNQ Marketplace uses Web3’s original qualities to take users to the Metaverse and access exclusive products one can own. Blockchain support gives every item in the LNQ Marketplace the possibility of ownership through the purchase history in the digital and physical worlds.

To a large extent an unprecedented level of utility, traceability, and innovation, the future of e-commerce and the secondary market is likely to open up Web 3 and more fleeting avenues for the average consumer. Sandu has an innate sense of finding solutions that simplify learning curves. Describing his sense of fashion with his technical aesthetic, “essentialism – I feel – is my style. Isms can put you in a box, but I think quintessential is the most coherent form because it means I want to live a simplified life.”

“You don’t have to charge your clothes – that’s what I don’t like about my Apple Watch. I have to charge it every day. You never have to charge [LNQ Marketplace collection embedded chips]. It lasts your whole life.”

LNQ Marketplace is available on desktop and mobile, making it more accessible to technology users. Items like The Gen One Sweater ($499) are reversible and have hidden pockets, creating a versatile crew neck sweater. The Cloud Gen One Clog ($250), designed in collaboration with sustainable footwear brand and foot technology Alice Gray, Made in italy. There’s also Orbs by Spatial Labs ($150), new smart shirts that give real access to sLabs events, all made with 100% recycled, USA-made materials except for the clogs.

“With the technology we build, we will contribute to a higher learning curve and adaptability for a new generation. The same thing TikTok understood is that if you can integrate people and convince them to create introductions to topics in 15 seconds or less, you save 6 months of college to say you don’t like This course. If you can reduce the time it takes to access good information. You can program and unprogram a new generation to understand things differently.”

LNQ’s ecosystem of blockchain-powered ‘Orbs by Spatial Labs’ T-shirts is an exclusive showcase of 1 in 1 collectibles. Each ball matches a gown with a custom-designed matching ball displayed on the front. Orb scanning begins with an augmented reality experience unique to the selected orb, acting like a Gen One Hardwear drop. The purpose of eccentric fashion leans on the idea of ​​new luxury and serves as a delivery to the next generation of streetwear consumers. LNQ Marketplace harbors core technology ahead of the curve and explores ways to educate and empower a new generation of consumers.

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