Tech in Travel: Trees for Travelers, Metaverse for Airlines, Solution to Weed out Margin-Eating Middlemen, Driving Uber deeper into travel, sort of.

Tech in Travel: Trees for Travelers, Metaverse for Airlines, Solution to Weed out Margin-Eating Middlemen, Driving Uber deeper into travel, sort of.

Adventure travel company G Adventures is going deep into the jungle with a major financial investment in restorative travel technology startup Reforest. Brisbane-based Reforest is a digital platform that connects travelers with local communities that are actively restoring their ecosystems using reforestation.

Travelers can plant their own trees in places where community tourism relies heavily on preserving the local environment. The platform will then provide travelers with visual science data that will measure the positive impact of trees planted on their behalf.

Reforest says its platform is innovative in the way it turns the hard science of climate action into simple and compelling personal interactive experiences for corporate clients, who can then go on to plant trees themselves.

The metaverse vacation may never replace the real thing, but some experts believe that applying it to travel can have many benefits beyond providing inspiration at the booking stage.

“For example, airlines are looking at how to give passengers headphones to make their journey more enjoyable by making it seem like they’re in a larger space,” says Emilie Dumont, managing director of Digitrips Group — which includes several B2B travel brands that include OTA pioneer Misterfly. In France: “We’re still at the beginning of this.

Alex Barros, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer from Chief Revenue Officer BeanpressAs a broker or resource selling on dot com says, “The metaverse will quickly become not just another selling point, but a selling point on steroids.”

“Imagine letting a potential customer not only examine every aspect of a hotel room from every angle, visit a destination that connects it to the hotel and its surroundings, or look at experiences (such as a boat that can be chartered and visited virtually) but also test the bed or take a look in the mini. bar?

“All of this provides the opportunity for sellers to sell a much wider range of additional services to customers, and even sell higher categories of rooms or rates as well,” Barros says.

“For example, by creating a metaverse store, they can have luxury boutiques selling high-end products to their guests at huge margins. This gives hotels more direct access to the share of the guest wallet.”

The global platform Nium has launched Nium Airline Payments (NAP), a solution powered by the Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP).

NAP provides airlines, travel agents and online travel agencies (OTAs) a “closed-loop” payment model, which “closes the door to harmful surcharges and business restrictive no-acceptance policies that have inflated the cost of B2B travel payments for decades”.

The technology for this solution came to Nium through its acquisition of Ixaris, a leader in optimizing travel payments, in 2021.

The closed-loop solution, Nium says, “removes middlemen that eat margin from payment flows, giving airlines the flexibility and control to design transparent incentives for OTA partners, based on routes, seasonality, business volume and more.

Airlines will benefit from significant cost savings per payment, faster settlement times, and flexible incentives for sellers — “all without the need for any additional technology integration,” says Neum.

This week, I received an invitation to sign up for Uber Travel. Curiously, I discovered Uber Travel is a new feature of the Uber app that allows you to link your Gmail, Outlook, or Hotmail accounts to import flight and hotel details and create a travel itinerary with all the flight information in one view.

Trips to and from airports and between hotels, up to 30 days in advance of the trip, can be booked at a fixed price, in advance.

Reassuringly, the flight tracking feature will automatically adjust the traveler’s travel booking time if the airline cancels or delays the flight.

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