Telegram plans to allow users to auction off usernames for cryptocurrency

Telegram plans to allow users to auction off usernames for cryptocurrency

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Telegram has been away from using the old TON Blockchain it developed years ago, but now the company wants to allow users to sell their names for profit.
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What is the value of your digital identity to you, or at least what is its value in cryptography? Well, thanks to the instant messaging app Telegram, you can find out soon enough. Telegram has plans to let users put their digital ID on a public marketplace to see if other people think your name is also worth a significant amount of change.

Advertise Telegram in official topic Thursday that the company is almost ready to launch an auction platform for usernames on the TON blockchain, AKA The Open Network, which was originally developed and operated by Telegram. The transactions are supposed to use the original crypto-blockchain Toncoin.

Back in August, Telegram founder Pavel Durov Referred He was interested in such an auction After seeing how much crypto people have auctioned wallet and domain names on their old blockchain.

“If TON can achieve these results, imagine how successful Telegram would be with its 700 million users if we auctioned our @reserved usernames, groups and channel links,” Durov wrote. He added that ownership of these usernames will be “secured” on the blockchain similar to NFTs. He also mentioned that other Telegram items such as stickers, channels or even emojis could be put up for auction.

The founder also said that in addition to users’ addresses (in other words, their usernames), he said all “four-character usernames” could be put up for auction, which would include “bank, club, @game, @gift.” No It must be vulgar, but there are some other “four letter words” I think I include in response to trying to sell the very concept of digital identity.

If, like me, your mind persists in prolonged silence as you hear the news, followed by a question asked in a soft whispered voice, “Why?” You are interested to know that selling usernames is not the original. as pointed out BlocUsernames on the Ethereum blockchain have been on sale for a long time through Ethereum name service. You don’t have to look far to find a lot of other projects that have popped up on the scene to announce their intent Selling NFTs for users’ digital ID for online games.

Telegram has experimented with cryptocurrencies before, although it was forced to abandon efforts on the Telegram Open Network and Gram cryptocurrency after it was investigated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for selling unregistered securities. After a federal judge ruled in favor of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Telegram It’s called ending on gram and pulled out of development on the blockchain. Developers manual control From the blockchain to the TON Foundation in 2021.

according to BusinessofAppsTelegram has 500 million monthly active users and has become widely used in countries like Iran thanks to end-to-end encryption that allows anonymous messaging. This anonymous is a major selling point for Telegram. According to the Korea Herald, the app has obtained a file of A small batch of popularity Recently, South Korean company Kakao and its KakaoTalk app recently suffered a multi-day outage that cut connections to millions of users.

But this adherence to anonymity has caused some friction with governments. This week, Germany Telegram fined $5 million for not setting up systems for reporting illegal content. Telegram is often used by many Far-right groups on the Internet Beside political dissidents Because of its unknown nature.

Other privacy-conscious apps are available, including Signal. While Durov and Telegram stalk fellow messaging apps like WhatsApp for their apparent connections to the data vortex that is Meta, new Signal boss Meredith Whitaker has Criticize Telegram for Using cloud backups.

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