Terra Classic Price Prediction - LUNC Death, Two Experts Predict 'Zero'

Terra Classic Price Prediction – LUNC Death, Two Experts Predict ‘Zero’

On the day the price of Terra Classic (LUNC) reached its peak in 2022, two of the best cryptocurrency traders correctly predicted that the uptrend was over.

It was on September 8th, when the price of LUNC reached $0.000593 on Binance, and as of mid-October, LUNC is now trading more than 50%, below the $0.0003 support level.

Terra LUNA Classic Price Prediction – Light Crypto

mild (Tweet embed), who has 169,000 followers, tweeted: “I think the LUNC trade is on the cusp of a crash, the momentum just broke, and the elevator down is a big possibility.”.

GCR (Tweet embed), who has 187k followers, replied from his secondary account with a quote from Hillary Clinton “That’s right, zero”. GCR won a famous $10 million bet against ex-Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon, with the Terra LUNA expected to price bearish again in March.

Light, who runs a prop trading company, posted a long thread of tweets a few days later with a mix of fundamental and technical analysis:

In addition to predicting that Terra Classic price action will be a pump and dump – “Pumped by hit-and-run developers and cynical money exchange operators, all profiting from the retail legions looking to take it all back in one trade” He tweeted a few days later that LUNC would drop 90%+ to return to its origin, or less.

Later that month, the price of LUNC collapsed 70% to $0.000179, although nothing is going down in a straight line (Terra LUNA’s collapse in May was a black swan event due to circulating supply ballooning to $6.5 trillion).

In order for Light’s prediction to be executed – it mapped out a target of $0.00004, the annual low for a new Terra Classic asset since the hard fork, which hit June 9, 2022 – LUNC’s price would need to be 84% below today’s price.

LUNC Price Prediction Tweets for October – LUNC Burn

Latest in “lite” Tweet topic This month is centered around Binance burning LUNC tokens, and how a 1.2% LUNC burn isn’t enough to justify Terra Classic’s over $1 billion increase in market capitalization since it was announced.

He also published Coinalyze data on October 3 showing a file “Insane Amount of Dead Wood to Eliminate in LUNC Derivatives, $262.2 Million Across Places & Tools, All Driven, All Driven by Bankrupt Narrative in Selling News Event.”

Light opened the Terra Classic sale on October 2nd:

“LUNC has managed to add over $1 billion in market capitalization on Binance announcement that will see a few million dollars removed from the circulating supply tomorrow.

And in the long run, that weekly burn will go to zero with LUNC volume. Full full short again.”

Incredibly, October 2nd was again a top, as LUNC price rose again to $0.000372 but the bounce from $0.0001794 ended there.

Like it on September 8th, Terra Classic price hasn’t traded higher than that day since then.

Across crypto circles on Twitter, Light is one of the top cryptocurrency traders to follow for price predictions and other market analysis.

As is the case with GCR, who corrected his prediction that the price of Bitcoin would rise again in November 2021, when the all-time high of $69,000 was reached and a bear market began.

We reported how Gigantic Rebirth shorted LUNC at $0.00042 on Sept. 9, and rose nearly $4.4 million in PnL a week later.

Also on the day when Terra Classic, another prominent crypto analyst, topped the price alpha tree He compared LUNC to a ponzi scheme and noted that transaction tax burns did not prevent SafeMoon from going to zero.

alternatives to tera classic

If Light and GCR’s Terra Classic forecast continues to be accurate – as it has been so far – retail investors holding LUNC will lose much in the correction.

Check out our reviews of the latest crypto pre-sales to learn about some high-potential LUNC alternatives. Pre-sales of new tokens usually generate a higher ROI than assets that already have a market capitalization of billions of dollars.

We previously reviewed Tamadoge before it outperformed the bullish Terra Classic pullback in a week, rising over 1,900% before a rebound.

Our latest review is IMPT Token, a carbon offset crypto project with greater real-world benefit than LUNC.

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