The Blockchain Foundation appoints Ira Miller as Vice President of Engineering

Experienced in engineering with previous senior roles in Shape and SRI
Internationally brings significant engineering expertise in Blockchain to
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San FranciscoAnd the September 20 2022 /PRNewswire/ – The Proviance Blockchain Foundation, an organization focused on enabling financial services companies to reimagine how their business operates, is pleased to welcome Ira Miller As Vice President of the Engineering Department. In this role, Miller will continue to work to build a comprehensive, high-quality engineering organization that supports Provurance’s technology ecosystem, including security, operational resilience, scalability, interoperability, user interface and user experience.

Miller joined the Provurance Blockchain Foundation after most recently serving as Director of Engineering at Figure, where he led the engineering team that developed the Provurance Blockchain Protocol.

Prior to his career in Shape, Miller spent several years in senior software engineering positions at SRI International, working on a wide range of projects spanning security, distributed systems engineering, and software building methodology, and was also responsible for staffing, administration, and mentorship.

“Era is an engineer and a first-class leader,” he said. Morgan McKinneyCEO of the Proviance Blockchain Foundation. “His experience – particularly in the financial services and blockchain spaces – makes him an obvious choice to head our engineering organization. As the leading blockchain solution for financial services entities, we welcome Ira’s leadership as we continue to deliver pioneering services and capabilities that deliver materials that benefit all of our stakeholders, including That users, developers, and auditors to continue to increase Blockchain adoption.

Provurance Blockchain technology delivers physical efficiencies across lending, mortgages, payments, private assets and capital markets to users. Leading financial institutions, fintech companies, and asset managers are using Provurance Blockchain to enable the entire digital asset cycle, from creation to financing, financing and trading. Provurance Blockchain succeeds in transforming lending, securitization, private assets, payments and exchanges, supporting more 10 billion dollars in transactions.

“I am excited to be working with the excellent team at the Provenance Blockchain Foundation and look forward to expanding the amazing architecture that Proviance Blockchain already provides for financial services,” says Miller. “I have never felt that my strengths and experiences were adequately suited to such an important and innovative endeavour. We are building the future here in Provence.”

About the Provincial Blockchain Foundation

The Provenance Blockchain Foundation provides the leading ecosystem for the development and deployment of DeFi applications. The Provurance Blockchain Foundation supports the Proviance Blockchain and its participants by stimulating adoption, education, research and development and through the HASH Grants Program. We believe that a community-driven open source model based on the best-in-class green Cosmos/Tendermint blockchain network is essential to the success and widespread adoption of the next generation of decentralized financial applications. Proviance Blockchain is a public blockchain network designed and developed to support the needs of the financial services industry by providing ledger, recording and exchange across multiple assets and financial markets. To find out more, visit

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