The first EntertainmentFi metaverse UVP program was launched amid a

The first EntertainmentFi metaverse UVP program was launched amid a

SINGAPORE, Oct 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – An NFT project with great growth potential, the UniVerse Platform or UVP, has quietly entered the NFT circle. UniVerse (UVP) is the first metaverse internet platform. Developers created NFT to enable a variety of entertainment content, including games, animations, movies, VR, etc., facilitating players with E2E (Entertain to Earn) via unique avatar models and designs.

Relying on a unique Unified Innovation Engine, a complete 3D animation process system, and a DAO mechanism, UVP helps users build a sustainable world for the Web 3.0 metaverse. UVP is a multi-faceted entertainment platform based on the well-known Asian animation IP Tulpa Mancer. NFT is a hybrid NFT of PFP and Utility, which is based on IP Character Animation. Since Tulpa Mancer is a popular anime IP in Asia, the developers wanted to introduce CG character and action models to make it more attractive.

“The NFT market has been going downhill since May 2022, thus opening up a bear market. In the second half of May, there was a wave of bad, ugly, great, unbranded NFT projects without a roadmap, interest, or even Creative Commons 0 .Currently, many GameFi products overemphasize the economic aspect but ignore the entertainment one.As a result, the projects can attract many speculators rather than early stage game users.Once the short-term returns drop, they will give up.Therefore,the liquidity will drop. Products quickly, which will lead to a death spiral to collapse. The CG of almost all GameFi products is produced, with predictable relationships between characters and poor storylines. There is still a noticeable gap between them and mainstream web 2.0 games. It is difficult to attract increasing users to the industry” , said one of the lead developers from the UVP team.

“Our team has years of experience in animation, film and game development and excels in continuous development and long-term operation. Most importantly, UVP’s Tulpa Mancer has a strong storyline, and has tens of millions of Asian fans. What makes UVP stand out. That UVP comes with Web 2 traffic, which means that UVP’s NFT will have strong mobility,” the developer added.

According to the developer, UVP supports a strong IP environment. The developer emphasized that the entertainment world environment that UVP will create is not limited to NFT, games and animation, and compared to other NFTs, UVP has a higher credibility and success rate.

“The UVP team has been commissioned to adapt the Tulpa Mancer and release the NFT. UVP has opened a new door to the NFT market and brought new hope into the bear market. We will also be following the official UVP news and looking forward to the official release of the NFT and eco-construction.”

The UVP team is backed by people who bring to the table a wealth of diverse experiences. Not only do comics creation experience, but they also have backgrounds in blockchain technology, animation, film and television, and sustainable operation.

In addition to games, UVP has also launched massive IP-based animation videos and related games, which enriched the entertainment environment, improved playability, and created unlimited space to appreciate the platform’s NFTs. UVP will break the top-down voting mode, transitioning to bottom-up collaboration mode, and truly bring user autonomy to DAO-privileged communities to allow users to jointly choose to build, reward and punish.

In the future, UVP will make the UIE system code open source to provide full process technical support for users to create their own IP addresses. Encouraged by the DAO mechanism and the dual token economic system of “platform token and IP token,” more and more users will create their own IP addresses and become IP owners, and can continuously increase profits from diversified IP-based entertainment content, the developer said. Ultimately, UVP will work with users to create the Web3 metaverse for global creation and entertainment.

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The UniVerse platform is built on Ethereum, the first platform originally created for the EntertainFi Metaverse worldwide.






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