The “great disconnect” between female leaders, the rebound from layoffs and fickle skepticism

The “great disconnect” between female leaders, the rebound from layoffs and fickle skepticism

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TIt’s just a descriptive word to indicate a trend that might be more than using the word “quiet” at the moment – think Quit smoking quietAnd the Quiet shootinguntil “calm smiles“-great.” Center All the names of the “Great Resignation”.– The Great Reshuffle, The Great Reinvention, The Great Transport – We Have It Now big layoff (Seriously?) and what McKinsey and call “big breakup. “

As Kim Elsizer, a senior contributor, wrote, it’s not about leaving women or getting out of the workforce. It’s about transitioning to companies that share their values ​​- prioritizing career advancement, supporting flexibility and work-life balance and emphasizing diversity and inclusion.

While this number sounds like just another name for the great quit, McKinsey and LeanIn’s research is interesting because it reminds us that people don’t just change jobs for better wages elsewhere; They are actively leaving institutions with which they are no longer compatible – even in a deteriorating economy. It’s no surprise this is happening because more workplaces are forcing employees back into the office – the survey, for example, found that while nearly 20% of men would like to work primarily on-site, only 10% of women , who often play the default role of primary caregivers feel the same way.

These trends have a lasting effect. If fewer women enter the company’s leadership ranks, they will have fewer shots to reach the highest score. My colleague Maggie McGrath – see featured story below – recently found that only three CEO and CFO duos run the 500 largest public companies in the US, following news that GSK has appointed Burberry executive Julie Brown as its new chief financial officer, to join To CEO Emma Walmsley in GSK’s C Suite.

Some women, of course, choose a completely different path. As part of her coverage of over 50 years, Maggie profiles Diane Hendricks, who beat cancer twice and survived the tragic death of her husband on her way to becoming the richest self-made woman in the country. In the past five years, she has tripled her net worth to more than $12 billion.

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