The light and shadow of the

The light and shadows of the “blockchain” technology that made Nike millions of dollars

Blockchain is spreading more and more throughout our environment. It is not only related to cryptocurrency, but it already exists Artistical works Or other cultural products and even in the field of fashion and wood. It is a set of technologies that allow secure, decentralized and distributed record keeping of digital operations without the intervention of third parties. It was also used by Galician director Julio Fernandez, film producer and distributor FilmMax, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the premiere of “REC”, a milestone in the cinema history of the Sitges Film Festival. In Spain.

“REC” series fans can purchase a limited edition digital collectible created in the form of NFTs (Fungible Token) that works via the blockchain and allows access to 3D shapes and other large environments. Its peculiarity is that this type of document is unique and immutable, there is no equivalent.

Products of this type have been used in other film collectibles such as “The Matrix”, “No Time to Die” or “Top Gun: Maverick”, Among other things.

Professor at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) of the Economic Analysis and Modeling Group- Manuel Fernandez-Grela highlights that “this is an area that holds great promise for the future”. But what can be found in Europe in general, and in Spain in particular, is that there is a huge lack of information as well as training.” Tuesday in a training day at the University of Southern California School of Economics In Compostela in cooperation with the Professional College of Computer Engineering of Galicia and the Agency for Technical Modernization of Galicia.

will also include Vladimiro Navarro, Blockchain Director at Addalia Who will talk about the application in the real world. Navarro gave part of his speech to FARO and we also took this opportunity to ask him about the exact blockchain.

“Generally speaking, all models of society work because they are centralized and someone guarantees us that things will work a certain way. I know I have my money because the bank tells me and they tell everyone that I have it. We all trust the system. On the one hand, blockchainIt’s a technology that allows it to work in the same way but without someone in the middle to guarantee everything because it works with specific and enforced rules. So I can send money to someone else without any bank guarantee,” he says.

Navarro remembers that Blockchain I came looking for a way to exchange money – although he made it clear that bitcoin is not money – without using an intermediary like a bank. “This was the first application of the technology. Cryptocurrencies and their exchange and speculation appeared. It quickly became clear that this technology could be applied to other areas. For example, it could be used by anyone who did this to ensure that a product could be traced from its origin to the table because at all times I have Trace (imprint) of each of the people who participate in this product without relying on third parties. In the food industry, it is widely used “, he explains in detail.

At the state of the art, it details how the NFT blockchain works It allows us to prove that we own a digital business That we can transfer it to someone else with the assurance that we are the owner and that we have transferred it.

These shoes are not bought for running in the field but to show the avatar

Vladimiro Navarro says the scheme was chosen by big fashion companies like Nike to launch NFT products — like digital sneakers — that represent people’s avatars in the metaverse (a digital world where our virtual selves can move). you can use. “These shoes were not bought to run in the field, but to show off what I have. I wouldn’t buy them because I’m older, but my son will show off his avatar in the metaverse or video games. Nike has generated $180 million in sales For those shoes,” this expert highlights.

But there are other, more realistic applications such as the use of blockchain Companies to submit their bids in public tenders. Carried out by the government of Aragon So that part of this offer can be registered in the blockchain. “No one can know what I am offering and neither I nor anyone can modify it later. The opening day of the warranty is checked and you guarantee that the system cannot be tampered with,” says Navarro.

Manuel Fernandez Grilla says they are used in Galicia Traceability in the timber industry and also for initiatives like Bitcoin GoldIn which one of the promoters is Vigo.

The problem with this technology is the lack of training to educate professionals in it. “If its potential is unknown, it will be difficult to develop a significant activity in Galicia regardless of legal restrictions,” Grella warned.

There are three public Galician universities (USC, Uvigo and A Corua University). Work to start offering programs Including matters related to the blockchain.

And theThey started introducing them on some topics related articles. There is no specific program dedicated to the blockchain or specific topics. Currently, the material has only been presented in pilot trials, he explains, pending the Ministry of Education moving forward.

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