The nineties are back!  Crypto games, Tamaverse, Gotchiverse and Moshnake are booming away from nostalgia

The nineties are back! Crypto games, Tamaverse, Gotchiverse and Moshnake are booming away from nostalgia

Play to win the coding game moshnack Already raised over $1 million after opening the pre-sale. Moshnaki is not an isolated case either; The internet has been buzzing with the success of Tamadoge (TAMA) lately. This shiba inu game token has seen a 600% price growth in the past 7 days. During its peak in 2021, Aavegotchi (GHST) had a market capitalization of $200 million.

It is clear that the current phenomenon of nostalgia in the ’90s has transcended fashion and films and has now reached the crypto world. Given the idea of ​​a blockchain that was first outlined in 1991 by researchers Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta, this is not a surprise.

As millennials who are passionate about coding and generation z advance, the demand for 8-bit gaming is on the rise and Moshnake, Aavegotichu and Tamadoge are getting the benefits.

Tamaverse is the hottest to earn crypto game right now, with 41% price hike in just the last 24 hours

The internet is all over the Tamadoge (TAMA) code. It is one of the best performing tokens on the market at the moment. Ultimately, Tamadoge (TAMA) will be used as a gateway token for the Tamaverse. This introduction space will allow players to hunt, breed, train and fight their own pets.

Gotchiverse is an open world, play to earn RPG

Aavegotchi is the oldest NFT gaming protocol in this article (released in 2021). It is a yielding NFT that will also serve as a pet. Players can use their Aavegotchis in Gotchiverse, an open world role-playing game, Play-To-Earn, NFT.

What makes this game more special than a standard commercial game is that it is completely controlled by the players. Participants can spend their time harvesting Alchemia, crafting facilities, and fighting “Lickquidators”.

If you missed Tamadoge and the Aavagotchi Presale, Moshnake is the latest ’90s game to earn to invest in

Moshnake is a unique play-to-earn cryptocurrency that adopts the aesthetic of the 90s. Players are given their own Moshnake NFT, which they must feed with different eggs that can be found on the royal battlefield. While doing so, they must also defeat other snakes controlled by other players around the world. Killing these other players will allow players to eat eggs and in-game poison (VEN).

Moshnake developers sincerely believe that the achievements of Moshnake should not be based on economic strength (like many other earning games or micro-transaction video games) but on skills, perseverance and strategy. For this reason, Moshnake players compete against themselves to rank high on the weekly performance chart. Those with the highest score will receive in-game Venom Tokens (VEN).

Why games based on ’90s nostalgia managed to evade the bear market

Having just opened a pre-owned Moshnake store, the $1 million that has already been raised is a promising number. As this presale continues, the pace of investments is likely to pick up. Crypto enthusiasts are currently aware of the hype created by Tamadoge (TAMA), so they are eager to find the next crypto game to take off.

While it may seem odd that a game like Moshnake actually had a hit during the dark crypto winter, the ’90s game is a form of relief and an escape from reality during a period of financial turmoil.

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