The Ultron Foundation: One of the Blockchain Leaders at the Future Blockchain Summit 2022

The Ultron Foundation: One of the Blockchain Leaders at the Future Blockchain Summit 2022

Four months after its launch in Dubai, Ultron Corporation, the fastest growing tier 1 blockchain company, is gaining popularity by sponsoring the largest blockchain summit and joining trusted Blockchain leaders around the world. The Future Blockchain Summit 2022, which will be held on 10-13 October 2022from the organization Dubai World Trade Center in partnership with the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA), A government agency in Dubai dedicated to virtual assets.

The company will be represented by Ultron CEO Shukrat Shadypkov, a global thought leader with over 10 years of experience in web and blockchain development. He will be the one to open the Ultron Gallery and meet the Ultronauts during the summit.

“We deeply respect the people behind the Future Blockchain Summit. It is a great idea that Bringing together blockchain companies and giving them a place where they can learn about innovations andd share(with fellow experts and enthusiasts) in the ever-evolving technology industry. And to be part of an event of great importance to the blockchain community, aThe fastest growing Tier 1 blockchain company is an honor for the Ultron Foundation.”Shadypkov, CEO of the Ultron Foundation, thanked

Three other very important members of Team Ultron will be present at Future Blockchain SummitThis is it Alex Topal, Chief Marketing Officer, Ultron, and Ultron Marketing Director, Jacob Nightmare, And the Leonard Arand is a consultant for Ultron’s NFT and Metaverse. Leonard Arand, from He is also CEO and founder of Devla, the world’s most sought-after metaverse company, and will be one of the guest speakers at the conference, where he will present the latest developments in upcoming NFT and metaverse projects, and the utility of Ultron’s blockchain system.

Ultron x Devla and the Metaverse Project

The two big names in the blockchain development world have collaborated to elevate the metaverse experience. The Ultron Football Metaverse The project, created in collaboration with Devla, will be launched in the coming months. It will allow users to play, strategize and earn passive rewards. The early announcement of the game’s features and structure is already filling ULX users and metaverse fans with great anticipation.

Ivana Tattoo Art NFT collaboration with the Ultron . Foundation

Apart from the gameFi project, Ultron is also set to launch a unique NFT collection with a world-renowned tattoo artist. Ivana Belakova Also known as Ivana tattoo art In the same week in Dubai. The tattoo artist associated with celebrities like Chris Brown, Rita Ora and Lil Wayne was very private and can trust her precious artwork, considering it the joy of her life and one of the best things that ever happened to her. Several blockchain companies urged her to digitize her tattoo art and create an NFT group with them, but she didn’t feel like it, as she would only think of people she could contact.

In an interview uploaded to it YouTube channel, stated that Ultron is as unique as its art. When I first sat down with Team Ultron, I knew in that very moment that she could trust the company with her art. The level of professionalism and the fact that there are only the best people working behind the Ultron Foundation made it yes for NFT cooperation.

NFT Lifestyle Group

Ivana tattoo art NFT Aggregation is not just an NFT parent. Ultron and Cosmic Wire A curated lifestyle-based experience comes with every piece of NFT. It’s a digital key to wonders that will have you wandering and celebrating life with Ivana Tattoo Art around the world. NFT holders will also participate in a community of NFT fans and join an annual luxury yacht party with Ivana Tattoo Art and the rest of the NFT VIPs.

To promote the NFT collection, the Ultron Foundation will bring Ivana Tattoo Art to the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. There will be a series of events where NFT card holders will get a unique item and a chance to win a tattoo session with Ivana.

The project will be pre-launched on 14 October 2022 In Dubai at Ultron’s Grand Closing Celing celebration in a private and sponsored only yacht party attended by distinguished guests from the media, NFT Space, CEOs, celebrities, and the one and only Ivana Tattoo Art.

“The Future Blockchain Summit is the place to showcase Ultron’s projects. Over 100,000 crypto enthusiasts around the world attend this event, and we meet other experts from various blockchain companies. The high acceptance from the Dubai government is one of the reasons why we launched Ivana Tattoo Art NFT. Previously in Dubai – the home of Ultron”. Jacob Nightmare, Chief Marketing Officer, Ultron

With each day, more and more people are interested in the Ultron Foundation and the projects they are working on. To reach more people, especially crypto enthusiasts, the Ultron Foundation Exhibit will showcase Ultron’s Layer 1 blockchain and the ecosystem it is building during the Future Blockchain Summit at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Get your tickets here.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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