Three reasons why we should have more enterprises in the crypto industry

Three reasons why we should have more enterprises in the crypto industry

There are only 5% of founders in crypto companies. What would happen if this percentage increased to 10%?

Increased economic growth and diversification

Having more businesses led, founded or run by women in the crypto industry is an important cog in the adoption wheel. The percentage remained low due to a number of factors including limited exposure to financial technology and a general aversion to new technology. Undoubtedly, the emerging cryptocurrency industry is as volatile as it is full of opportunity. While the industry is indeed male-dominated, it is worth noting to appreciate the role they played in the foundational work of bringing structure into the industry.

Women and men bring different skills to the workplace in value. Multiple studies show that including more women creates positive multiplier effects in the economy. One such study by the International Monetary Fund showed a potential 35% increase in GDP by closing the gender gap. As the gap will take various stages to close, it is imperative to explore gradual economic growth through the jobs that enterprises will create in the crypto industry.

The bigger picture holds bigger gains for societies through more job opportunities. Who will extend these opportunities to communities to realize the benefits of the emerging industry? In the next decade, if the cryptocurrency industry crosses the trillions of dollars mark, this value will need to spread to local economies. Women will certainly be important influencers in this process of driving sustainability.

Risk Management

Women tend to avoid risks in their approach to financial management. This has been reflected, for example, in leadership gaps where there are fewer women at the highest C level and in board management in the larger financial industry.

This was also reflected in the aversion to investing in crypto assets, which are highly volatile. Despite the growing interest among women investing in cryptocurrency, the current rate of cryptocurrency ownership among women stands at 21%.

Could the next 10% of women who own crypto assets show you how to measure and manage risk differently? They will definitely bring a better understanding of the use cases that fuel their application. It will also show the effectiveness of relevant education or content that informs its use. The third aspect that the next 10% will show is the sustainability of crypto-related use cases across different demographics.

The gradual inclusion of women will provide valuable insights into sustainable risk management in the crypto industry.

The next stage of early adoption for the majority

For the next million or billion crypto users, it will require peer-to-peer outreach. BitcoinBTC, by design, is a peer-to-peer payment system. It takes two parties to interact before the next two can participate.

Women tend to share different types of knowledge through stories. One such story is Trust, a graphic novel and NFT group. It follows Moraa, a young whistleblower who uses blockchain technology to fight for her homeland in an attempt to protect it from strongmen. Fiction often carries powerful facts with their application in the real world.

There are layers of encryption adoption in terms of applications. For the next part of the early majority, adoption will have multiple layers. In other words, few people like potatoes in their most basic form. They are unattractive until they take on a different shape, such as wedges or creamy mashed potatoes.

Cryptography, in its basic and complex form, will remain unattractive to the masses. This is a feature of something in its early years of use. However, as it gains accreditation with diverse approaches to its integration, it will have a different appeal. At the moment, apart from bitcoin, there are various community currencies that are gaining sustainable use. There are more NFT communities and interest among new creators who are not celebrities but are willing to explore a diverse notoriety through crypto.

miraculous conclusion

Easy to be overwhelmed by the large gap to be filled. Understandably, some may realize that it will not be resolved. However, this potential economic growth and diversification, diversified risk management as well as the next phase of adoption should come to the fore so that the next founder can see why this is important now. Indeed, it is not possible to fill every gap, but this gap in the crypto industry has a compelling case for it. Whether it is another founder or ten other owners of crypto assets, there is a bigger picture to appreciate and realize.

It starts with education. The following is an incentive. Before we know it, use cases will evolve with diverse products and services that cater to communities.

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