John McAfee is the Creator of Bitcoin: TikTok Influencer Makes Wild Claim. Or is it?

TikTok influencer makes a wild claim

John McAfee is the creator of Bitcoin. This is the wonderful claim of TikTok effect Who calls himself Harry Soul Trainer.

He says, “John McAfee is the creator of bitcoin. If we go back and look at his past, he created the McAfee internet security program in 1987. So he had backdoor access at the time.”

The influencer goes on to say he believes McAfee is still alive.

John McAfee and conspiracy theories

Although there have been some wild suggestions about who created Bitcoin, this one could gain traction, especially for conspiracy theorists.

There are several YouTube interviews with McAfee, which show that he has a very solid knowledge of blockchain, and has always done so.

However, he also shows that he also seemed to love being interviewed with starting his LSD small dose. It may not have been as accurate as he had planned for some of those times.

A very interesting one an interview Conducted by Tom Shaughnessy of Delphi Media.

McAfee says during the interview, “Blockchain is the first technology that didn’t come from the bowels of the government or a black program from within the military. It’s not from IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, or some other company. And the technology was, to a large extent, open source — it’s Available to anyone. This is a defining moment in the evolution of the human mind. The first application of blockchain was cryptocurrency. The first application of cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which far exceeded life expectancy. But it does not have privacy. You cannot put smart contracts on those. Blockchain”.

criminal elements

That’s why, McAfee claims, criminals have been very quick to use it. “For years, Bitcoin has been what people on the dark web accept for payment. Criminals are always the first to accept new technologies. I mean, God Almighty, when the phone came out the first to adopt it? The mob! They had a nationwide phone system so they could coordinate activity Therefore, bank robberies increased tenfold in the early 1930s!”

McAfee continues to argue that a better alternative to Bitcoin is privacy coins like Monero.

The implication here by the influential Harry of TikTok, is that McAfee created Bitcoin to monitor what criminals were doing. Harry says, “McAfee got it all!”

Did McAfee Create Bitcoin to Hold Something Over Criminals? McAfee has often said he can watch government agents via his virus software. Did he create Bitcoin to watch criminals too?

When McAfee descends into rage and nonsense in the interview, he says, “God, please, let’s wake people up. Why is Bitcoin finally worth its original value? Because it was used as a fucking currency. Nobody will use Bitcoin anymore. It’s old, archaic, slow.” And expensive. With no privacy. Nobody uses it. It’s a piece of nonsense that the world has yet to understand.”

Well Satoshi Nakamoto, it’s been 13 years now, you’re the world champion in hide and seek… Come get your trophy! Come out come out come wherever you are!

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