Top 5 Bitcoin Documentaries Worth Watching

Top 5 Bitcoin Documentaries Worth Watching

Cryptocurrencies have taken over the world by generating billions of dollars and changing the course of many industries. In the past two years, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have dominated the news, hitting all-time highs and generating millionaires overnight.

This revolutionary technology has also affected many other industries such as the entire global financial sector, the gambling industry where Bitcoin betting Available now, the gaming industry, and much more.

The whole controversy behind cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin as the creator of this amazing piece of technology is still unknown, has inspired many directors and production companies to produce documentaries about this amazing technology.

In addition, with every new technology comes many solutions, but also many disadvantages that people can take advantage of, such as scams and illegal activities. All of these things combined make up a good documentary where you can learn more about Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and hear some of the inspiring stories behind the newly created wealth in the world.

In today’s article, we are going to take a look at the 5 best Bitcoin documentaries that you should definitely watch, especially if you are investing in Bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin Documentaries You Must Watch

Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It

It is an hour long documentary that was released in 2015, which means that it is in the early stage of accepting Bitcoin. It is an informative and clear crash course on cryptocurrency and money. This documentary will take you back in history and show you the way money has developed.

In fact, this documentary will teach you about the new digital economy and the effects and solutions that come from blockchain technology, including Bitcoin.

Moreover, this documentary will reveal the practices of primary banks and monetary institutions. Finally, this documentary will highlight the influence of government on money printing and how it can cause inflation.

In other words, you’ll get a subtle look at the way government officials are trying to prevent the crypto-tech boom and how big banks are reacting to such big changes.

Many people like Vitalik Buterin Roger Ver has spoken about whether cryptocurrencies, and in particular Bitcoin, could revolutionize the global financial and economic world or just every other bubble until it bursts.

Cryptopia: Bitcoin and the Future of the Internet

This documentary was recently released in 2020, and Torsten Hoffmann is the producer. The product is well known for its other cryptocurrency boards, which consist of Bitcoin: The End of Money as we know it.

This documentary gives you a peek into the sector of the Bitcoin ecosystem and the way it operates. It also discusses the many challenges and controversies associated with this cryptocurrency.

Different from other exaggerated content material, this one is found on virtually all cryptocurrency network.

The documentary content gives you many valuable insights that are likely vital to understanding if you are planning a long-term investment.

Netflix Series – Explained: Cryptocurrency

If you have less time for your hands, go check out this short film. It’s part of a sequence roughly made up of a variety of different themes. It can be a reliable source in case you are looking for some help with coding.

The 14-minute series will let you know all you need to know about cryptocurrency and the world around it. It will also teach you more about how crypto technology works, all the advantages and disadvantages that come with it, and how it affects other industries just so you can have your say in the future.

Banking on Bitcoin

Due to Netflix’s reputation for this documentary, it may be the most famous lord of content on this unique subject on the web.

This documentary will give you some specific records about the roots of this technology and its enormous potential. It’s a little weird, but it’s essential if you want to learn more about this revolutionary technology that promises to change the world forever.

You will learn a lot about this technique from its early days, and you may see some familiar faces as well. It’s a great documentary for people who want a mix of true stories that actually happened in the past, and predictions for the future of Bitcoin and its impact on the global economy.

The rise and rise of bitcoin

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is a documentary that takes place at a time when Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies were at their peak.

The documentary was released back in 2014, and it shows a computer programmer who was curious about this digital asset. It is a documentary in its early stages when Bitcoin technology started spreading all over the world.

It also receives close attention to the community associated with it ForexEven as you watch this documentary, you study more and more about the global impact of this remarkable generation, ie cryptocurrencies.

This documentary/film directed by Nicholas Murs is suggested to everyone who wants to learn about and experience the early years of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. It’s a time frame in which we all regret not investing in this revolutionary technology.

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