Trace and Trace Industry Report 2022: How Blockchain is Making Supply Chains More Transparent and Efficient -

Trace and Trace Industry Report 2022: How Blockchain is Making Supply Chains More Transparent and Efficient –

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Supply chain management is becoming increasingly complex, and the main challenges for companies are among others to ensure the transparency and accuracy of the process.

Many companies are investing money to develop a comprehensive, transparent and robust ecosystem for a successful supply chain. To this end, the blockchain includes a digital ledger that is permanently registered and securely shared with multiple parties such as sellers, distributors, retailers, resellers and end users. The report examines the potential of blockchain technology as the backbone of the digital supply chain.

Innovations: Shows real-world innovation use cases and examples related to the implementation of blockchain technology by companies as well as start-ups in the supply chain business function. It sheds light on how technology-enabled innovations are transforming every part of the supply chain business function.


  • Innovation Insights: Innovative examples by each of the use cases across sectors to present key trends.

  • Vendor Map: A sample list of vendors in each use case is shaded in the report.

Reasons to buy

  • It’s no surprise that technology has been a driving force in business transformation for years, but the term “emerging technologies” has suddenly become the main catalyst to drive the next wave of cross-sector innovation.

  • The sense of urgency weighs differently across different sectors, with customer-facing sectors taking the lead compared to other capital-intensive sectors. Companies in one sector can take cues from successful innovations in other sectors to either draw comparisons with existing products, services and processes or convey strategic approaches to revolutionary transformation.

  • Against this background, companies need to understand the emerging technologies that are affecting their sector and how different companies are applying them to meet different challenges.

  • The Blockchain Innovation Landscape in Supply Chain Management report covers some of the key trends, use cases, and real-world examples related to implementing emerging technologies across the supply chain business function.

Main topics covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Major setbacks in traditional supply chains

3. Key Features of Blockchain to Transform Supply Chains

4. Vendor map by high impact use cases

5. Major innovations

5.1 Supply Tracking

5.2 Inventory Management

5.3 Product Authenticity

5.4 Smart Contracts

5.5 Paperless Documentation

6. Blockchain implementation challenges for supply chains

7. Methodology

mentioned companies

  • 3IPK

  • ACG

  • ACG . Inspection

  • Amerisource Bergen

  • to gather

  • Aura Blockchain Consortium

  • Xdras


  • Befit

  • horse

  • BlockApps

  • Blockedge Technologies

  • Boeing

  • Cargosmart

  • Generalization

  • circular

  • coca cola

  • contour

  • Cusco

  • dynabon print

  • Danone

  • data jumbo

  • De Beers

  • Diginex

  • DNP

  • EOS

  • Equinor

  • Fiata

  • Fluidcoins

  • Hennessy

  • HKMA

  • Hong Kong Monetary Authority

  • IBM

  • Infosys

  • Itamco

  • Jaguar Land Rover

  • JLR

  • Q

  • komgo

  • Lockheed Martin

  • Mediconnect

  • merck

  • Mitsubishi Chemicals

  • National Association of Tools and Machines

  • navigator

  • NTMA

  • Pixelplex

  • R3

  • rickett

  • reflection

  • Resource

  • Rishabh program

  • Samsung

  • Samsung SDS

  • succulents

  • Shanghai International Port Group

  • Simba series

  • SIPG

  • StatWig

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