Weekend of Positivity Kicks off the largest global virtual reality and livestreaming event in history with 50 distinguished speakers including Sharon Letcher, Dr. Andrea Adams Miller, Austin Haines, Peter Wekselmann and more

Weekend of Positivity Kicks off the largest global virtual reality and livestreaming event in history with 50 distinguished speakers including Sharon Letcher, Dr. Andrea Adams Miller, Austin Haines, Peter Wekselmann and more

Findlay, Ohio, October 4, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Starting at 5 PM on Friday 30 September 2022 until Sunday 2 October 2022, Weekend of the Global Positivity Event Launched with 50 speaker coverage Inspiration, motivation, mindset, success and knowledge in MegaVerus Metaverse SystemA virtual reality and live broadcasting platform. Dr. Andrea Adams Miller, of RED Carpet Connection, is an event speaker and strategic partner for MegaVerus, part of Rhino MR Studios.

click over here Go to the “Events” tab. To join the live broadcast or on your desktop computer – no headset required.

Also, get 12 months of the entire event on demand – included with every ticket. Each paid ticket holder is entered into a raffle to win a Virtual Real Estate Lot in the MegaVerus metaverse.

The event is hosted by Rhino Studios XR, Donald W. Lablum Jr., CEO, and co-founder of Rhino XR Studios, LLC – the creators of MegaVerus. Don is a successful CEO of several companies, a man of vision with a passion for family, country, God and business that brings good to the world with tremendous impact.

Inspiration and coaching from the most amazing speakers to make a lasting impact in the world. They have a full weekend Inspiration, positivity, mental training, personal development, success principles, mindfulness. It will help viewers finish the last quarter strong and most importantly inspire and motivate them to make a lasting impact on the world! Join today for this weekend that will change your life!

Among the top 50 positive speakers this weekend, some of the highlights include the following notable personalities.

Sharon Lechter He is an entrepreneur, international speaker, bestselling author, mentor, philanthropist, certified legal expert for 35 years, and certified global management accountant. Lechter is the premier expert on financial literacy and entrepreneurial success. From helping expand the e-book industry into a multi-million dollar international market to co-authoring the world’s bestselling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and 14 other books in the Rich Dad series in 10 years as co-founder and CEO, she’s built empire to brand The world’s leading personal finance provider.

In 2008 she was asked by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to help revitalize the powerful teachings of Napoleon Hill at a time when the international economy was faltering. Sharon has released three bestselling books in association with the foundation, including Think and Grow Rich-Three Feet from Gold, Outwitting the Devil, and her latest project.

Sharon is a highly sought-after teacher who has worked with major brands such as Disney and Time Warner and served two US Presidents as a consultant on the subject of financial literacy. As CEO of Pay Your Family First, she has dedicated her leadership efforts to creating and distributing financial education books, games, curriculum, and other experiential learning projects. Everything about Sharon’s career is about influencing others to improve their financial IQ, accessing untapped potential personally and in business, and creating their own legacy.

Sharon Lechter

Dr. Andrea Adams Miller, The Dream Maker, international award-winning author and publisher of TheREDCarpetConnection.comwho manifests dreams greater than anyone dared dream of.

As an international keynote speaker since the age of 16, she has spoken in France, Egypt, Germany, the UK, Dubai, and more and shared the stage with leaders such as Anthony Hopkins, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Sharon Lechter, Brian Tracy, and more. Adams-Miller has been watched on 20/20, PBS, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, E! News and more. With its authority, credibility, and connections to highlight clients, create joint venture partnerships, and obtain financing.

She integrates the neuroplasticity of mindset and limiting belief removal to manifest her client’s dreams. She holds three doctorate degrees in theology, public health, and business science. She is certified as a Master Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Dual-Trained Hypnotherapist, Biofeedback Practitioner, and Neurofeedback Practitioner among many other methods, and has been a frequent speaker at the World Conference on Brain Mapping and Therapies.

In addition, she works as a CEO, and is a co-founder of TheKeepSmilingMovement.orgShe is a 501(c)3 Dental and Mental Health Organization, and she uses her knowledge, relationships, and advocacy to help the organization’s mission to save lives with smiles by creating a dose of hope to be resilient no matter the challenge.

Dr. Andrea Adams Miller, The Dream Maker, CEO of The RED Carpet Connection

Dr. Andrea Adams Miller, The Dream Maker, CEO of The RED Carpet Connection

Austin Haines Austin is the author of the Amazon bestseller Flashpoint Your Turnaround Story Start Here. As the lead facilitator of Flashpoint, Austin guides you to experience your own flashpoint. Austin has become an award-winning speaker, coach, podcast host, and coach. He reaches his audience wherever they are in their growth path and engages them in the journey of life to propel them forward toward their flashpoint.

Austin’s flashpoint occurred after he struggled for many years to live an unfulfilled life – a seemingly endless climb to reach nothing but a dead end and defeat. He bears the burden of the low self-esteem that marked the scars of his shattered childhood. Later in life, major tragedy, turbulent relationships, financial ruin, and the threat of addiction create a hurricane of despair, dragging him into a dark place and time where he felt his life was over.

With the support of his family, mentors, self-education, and spiritual beliefs, things began to change. Austin got a promising new job, but within a year he was told he would be fired if he didn’t turn things around. This was the genesis of the ignition point. During this time, Austin achieved a breakthrough that propelled him to become a major producer during a 19-year career with the same company. Most recently, Austin quit his career and reinvented his life to become a full-time life and business coach, author, and speaker. Flashpoint put him on a mission to reach out and pave the way for you to reinvent your life and journey, allowing you to appear in a goal.

Austin Haines, Documentary Flashpoint & Power of Pure Presence TV Show

Austin Haines, Documentary Flashpoint & Power of Pure Presence TV Show

Peter Wexelman, known as a real estate legend, has been involved in real estate as an investor, contractor, developer and lender for nearly 15 years. He is the owner/manager of three Atlanta (cumming) real estate companies including RBP Investments, Real Estate Investing Academy and The Muse Group, a residential real estate agent of PalmerHouse Properties.

Vekselman has bought and sold more than 3,000 properties, and his construction company has managed more than 100 projects. As a private lender, he has managed a portfolio of over $10 million. He holds a degree in Finance from the University of Miami and is based in Atlanta and has an extensive business network across the USA. Peter companies are looking for opportunities for both property buyers and sellers. He has helped over 6,500 real estate partners with his company partner.

Peter Wexelman, real estate legend

Peter Wexelman, real estate legend

click over here And go to the EVENTS tab to join the live broadcast or on your desktop PC – no headset required.

The event is a paid event that offers day tickets and full access for the weekend. Dr. Andrea Adams Miller of TheREDCarpetConnection.com is a strategic partner of Megaverus. To learn more about how to partner with MegaVerus through Dr. Adams-Miller, contact her at AndreaAdamsMiller@TheREDCarpetConnection.com or 419-722-6931.

Rhino XR and MegaVerus Studios

Rhino XR and MegaVerus Studios

Rhino Studios XR It contains multiple components including exclusive governance token, future-proof virtual real estate, NFT and smart contract ownership along with events, concerts, seminars and more. A whole world of excitement is available inside MegaVerus.


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