What is the Metaverse today?  Here's what investors need to know

What is the Metaverse today? Here’s what investors need to know

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  • The metaverse offers a new spin in a digital world
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  • It’s easy to expose your wallet to the metaverse with the Q.ai group

I’ve heard the term “metaverse” thrown around casually, at work, and everywhere in between. Although this term is commonly used, you may not be entirely clear about what the metaverse is in its current state.

Let’s jump right in to explore what the metaverse really is right now and what it might mean for your investment portfolio.

What is the Metaverse today?

Although drafted in the early 1990s in a Neil Stevenson novel, the early stages of the metaverse are now a reality. When you hear about the metaverse, it is often portrayed as the next frontier in the tech industry. Metaverse is a group of digital platforms focused on virtual and augmented reality opportunities.

Of course, the focus of the metaverse is the virtual world. But some people envision the metaverse including devices, primarily headphones and smartphones.

The ultimate goal of this digital space seems to be to create an individual user experience. In the future, you may be able to explore distant destinations through a VR headset or connect with others in entirely new ways through the digital network of the metaverse. The basis of this digital world is the blockchain.

Examples of popular Metaverse games

As of now, the metaverse is widely accessible through integrations within other online attractions, such as video games. Some of the most popular video games currently in the metaverse include:

sandbox: In the Sandbox, you can create any number of things, including avatars, vehicles, gadgets, and more. When you create within the Sandbox, you will have the option to sell your creations to other users. The main currency used on this platform is Sand, which can be used to buy pieces of digital real estate.

decentralization: Decentraland gives users the opportunity to create avatars, purchase wearables for your avatar, and purchase a piece of digital real estate available for sale. It is even possible to earn an income in this world by setting up a business on your digital real estate chip, which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Farmer’s World: Farmers World launched in 2021. You can buy a piece of digital property for farming to get income. Some of the ways of earning in this world include gold mining, livestock raising and house building. As your plot of land creates goods, you can trade with other users.

Axi Infinity: This angle of the metaverse is inspired by Pokemon. Within the game, virtual pets and items are available as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs.)

At first glance, it’s easy to confuse regular video games with the metaverse. But in general, most of them agree that the metaverse must be linked to the blockchain in some way. With this distinction, the two can be differentiated.

Metaverse Cryptocurrencies and ETFs

Although no one can predict the future, many are betting on the future of metaphysics.

For example, Mark Zuckerberg of Meta is pushing the direction of the company and its investment deeper into the metaverse. In 2021 alone, Meta spent $10 billion designing its metaverse. This is a massive amount of capital to invest in the future of metaverse. The company envisions profits at the end of the tunnel in the form of a platform where creators buy and sell digital products.

As major companies, such as Meta, move into the metaverse, there are more opportunities to include exposure to the metaverse in your investment portfolio. One example includes Fidelity’s FMET ETF, which includes exposure to Alphabet, Apple, Nintendo, Meta, and more.

Are Metaverse Real Estate Worth Anything?

If you are looking at the metaverse as a digital real estate investment opportunity, you are not alone. Many investors consider the metaverse to be the next frontier in real estate investing.

If the idea of ​​online digital sites pays off, digital real estate may provide an opportunity for creators to build an income stream by selling to others in the metaverse. For example, you can buy a piece of digital real estate and sell tickets to virtual events or sell digital art to those inside the metaverse to enjoy.

There are plenty of different opportunities to find your footing in the metaverse, and more and more platforms are likely to emerge, hoping to engage you.

What is not yet clear are which platforms will become the most popular. Because of that, it can be difficult to determine which properties in the metaverse will be of great value in the future.

Many look to platforms with market capitalization as the ones with the most upside potential. Both Decentraland and Sandbox have market caps of billions that provide an encouraging opportunity for some investors. The maximum number of packages sets an upper limit on the supply. Therefore, if the demand for these digital properties increases, the price of the parcel is likely to go up.

Before you jump into any digital real estate investments, it is worth noting that these assets carry extreme risks. Although it is possible for the value of real estate to grow in the metaverse, depreciation is also possible. However, this opportunity is the most tempting for those who take high risks. If you are unable or unwilling to take on the high risk required of this investment, it is probably not the right choice for your investment portfolio.

bottom line

The metaverse isn’t just a buzzword. It facilitates a new way for people to interact on the Internet, and is now emerging in gaming and social networking platforms. If you want to add exposure to this new type of asset to your investment portfolio, it may take some time for you to quickly familiarize yourself with all of the industry’s entirety and entries.

Fashion and apparel brands, like Nike, have been launched directly into the metaverse – Nikeland has attracted users with more than just digitally redesigned shopping experiences, and has tapped top talent like LeBron James in order to emerge. This will likely be the next wave of the Metaverse, as lifestyle takes on a whole new meaning.

Rather than investing in any and all companies listed here, investors can capture the momentum of the metaverse while hedging across a diverse group of its top players. Q.ai offers artificial intelligence that scours the markets in search of the best investments and collects them into easy-to-use investment packages such as emerging technology group.

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