While Bitcoin Has Tanked, This Coin Has Risen 300% This Month!

While the value of Bitcoin is dropping, this coin is up 300% this month!

Deciding what to do with your bitcoin, as prices continue to drop, can be challenging. Many believe that the tide will eventually turn, and if they continue long enough, Bitcoin will rise to new heights. The only problem with that is that while you wait for the market to bounce back, your BTC stays there and does nothing.

The most common answer is ArbiSmart (RBIS)which is up more than 100% in the past week, and continues to climb steadily as the rest of the market falls.

The Authorized by the European Union Protecting the project against the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, allowing you to hold and operate your bitcoin, making unparalleled profits in whatever direction the market changes.

Shield against falling prices

The ArbiSmart ecosystem offers a number of ways to grow Bitcoin, regardless of the market path.

First, this summer, ArbiSmart introduced its interest-generating portfolio, which supports a huge list of FIAT and cryptocurrencies, from BTC, EUR, and GBP to BTC, ETH, COMP, APE, SHIB and many more. The portfolio offers the same consistent returns in upturns or downturns, and generates industry-high rates of up to 147%.

Cryptocurrency holders can keep the funds safely stored without interest but can be withdrawn at any time or they can decide to lock their money into an interest-bearing savings plan. They can choose between short-term plans lasting 1 or 3 months and long-term plans lasting 2, 3 or 5 years.

The longer the lock-in of funds, the higher the earnings, which is also affected by the method of receiving daily interest. Interest can be sent to an available balance, where it is always accessible, or it can be added to a locked balance for a higher return.

Interest rates are determined primarily by the holder of the portfolio Account level, which depends on how much RBIS they own. More RBIS means higher interest rate on balances in each supported currency.

If the balance is in RBIS, then the returns will be three times higher than those in other currencies. If the wallet holder decides to hold his capital in BTC, ETH or any other preferred currency, he can still increase the interest rate by receiving interest only in RBIS.

Inevitably, as the new wallet gains traction, in the coming weeks and months, more RBIS will be locked into long-term savings plans, leaving public circulation and reducing the supply of tokens forever. As soon as demand exceeds supply, the price of RBIS will rise. This means that in addition to the profits from the savings plans, RBIS owners will enjoy huge capital gains on the rise in the value of the token.

Another bear resistant RBIS instrument that generates the same consistent negative profits in any market conditions is ArbiSmart’s automated crypto arbitrage platform. The service offers high returns of up to 45% annually, depending on the level of the user’s account.

Crypto arbitrage is an investment strategy that makes money from price variations across exchanges. These temporary price differences occur frequently, whichever direction the market is moving, and are often caused by discrepancies in trading volume between larger and smaller exchanges.

The user only deposits the funds that are automatically transferred to RBIS, then the algorithm takes over. Integrated with 35 exchanges, it tracks hundreds of currencies around the clock to find spreads. Then he buys at the lowest price before selling at the highest price to make the best possible profit.

A dynamic growing ecosystem

The ArbiSmart development team hasn’t been hibernating during this bear market. In fact, she’s in the middle of a huge mission.

Over the next four months, several new RBIS instruments are being introduced almost simultaneously. This includes a mobile app to store, exchange, buy and sell crypto, as well as a completely native DeFi protocol that will provide unique gaming features. Liquidity providers will be rewarded with 0.3% of the fee from each trade plus up to 190,000% annualized return.

This winter, the development team will also launch a marketplace to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a unique set of ArbiSmart NFTs, cryptocurrency exchanges, and a gaming metaverse, where participants will be able to buy, develop and sell digital properties for real profits.

Each of these new additions to the ArbiSmart ecosystem, just like all existing facilities, will require the use of an RBIS token. As a result, in addition to earning revenue from betting, saving, trading, gaming, investing in NFTs, and arbitrage, RBIS owners will increase demand for the original token, driving the price up and increasing their capital gains even further.

Digital origin is on the rise

according to Analysts forecastRBIS is expected to rise to just over 40 times its current value by the end of 2022, and is well on its way forward.

So far this month, RBIS’s price is already up 300% and showing no signs of slowing, even as the rest of the market has sunk.

With a new wallet growing for its user base, and several new RBIS facilities in the pipeline for the coming months, RBIS is the currency to watch for fall and winter. To start taking profits before the price goes too high, Open a wallet now!


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