Why CSPR, TWT, TON, MKR, and AAVE Are Outperforming the Crypto Market

Why CSPR, TWT, TON MKR, and AAVE outperform

BeInCrypto We take a look at five projects that beat the crypto market last week, and more specifically, from October 14 to October 21.

These digital assets shed light on cryptocurrency news and the cryptocurrency market:

  1. Casper (CSPR) The price is higher 25.00%
  2. trust wallet Token (TWT) The price is higher 12.92%
  3. maker (MKR) The price is higher 12.23%
  4. Tonquin (tons) The price is higher 11.91%
  5. avi (Avi) The price is higher 9.36%

Casper CSPR Price Prediction: Support Tests Back

CSPR price has been trading below the $0.039 resistance area since the beginning of May. After starting a big upward movement, Casper price finally managed to breakout on October 16th. It reached a high of $0.055 the next day.

Casper price has since declined and validated the $0.039 area as support (green icon). newspaper RSI It is still increasing and has not produced any bearish divergence yet.

Therefore, after another possible retest, CSPR price is expected to rise towards the $0.058 resistance area.

On the contrary, a daily close below the $0.039 region would invalidate this bullish expectation in the cryptocurrency market.

CSPR/USDT Chart by TradingView

Confidence TWT Wallet Token Price Prediction: Makes Fifth Breakout Attempt

TWT price has fallen below the descending resistance line since September 2021.

Currently, the price of the Trust Wallet Token is in the process of making its fifth attempt to fork out (red tokens). As the resistance gets weaker each time it is touched, a breakout is likely.

Moreover, the daily RSI is still rising and has not produced any kind of bearish divergence.

In the event of a breakout, the next closest resistance area will be at $1.33 for TWT price.

On the contrary, a daily close below the $0.90 horizontal support area would invalidate the bullish hypothesis in the cryptocurrency market.

Trust Wallet TWT Token Price Resistance Crypto Market
TWT/USDT Chart by TradingView

Maker MKR Price Prediction: Reaches the wedge resistance line

MKR has been retreating inside the falling wedge since June 2021. The falling wedge is a bullish pattern, which means that a breakout from it would be the most likely scenario.

Maker price is currently trying to breakout. An upward movement started in September 2022 after bouncing at the wedge support line.

In addition, the RSI finally moved above the 50 level, breaking through the bearish divergence trend line. This supports the possibility of a price breakout from the wedge. In the event of a breakout, the price of MKR could go up to $1970.

A drop below the yearly low of $581 would invalidate this bullish Maker price scenario in the cryptocurrency market.

MKR Wedge Crypto Market Maker
MKR/USDT Chart by TradingView

Toncoin TON Price Prediction: bouncing at support

TON has been moving up since it bounced off the horizontal support area at $1.25 on Oct. 13 (green symbol). Shortly thereafter, Toncoin price broke out of the descending resistance line.

If the upward movement continues, the nearest resistance area is located at $1.66-$1.77, which was created by the 0.5-0.618 Fibonacci retracement resistance level. A successful move above this area is expected to push TON price above $2.

On the contrary, a daily close below $1.25 will be bearish and indicate the expectation of new declines for Toncoin price in the crypto market.

Toncoin TON Bounce Crypto Market
TON/USDT Chart by TradingView

AAVE Price Prediction: Wave C begins.

AAVE price has fallen below the descending resistance line since it reached $115.18 on Aug 13. The downward movement led to a low of $64.71 on Oct 13.

The bounce that followed created a long lower wick (green symbol) and validated the $72 area as support. Shortly thereafter, AAVE price broke out of the descending resistance line.

It is possible that AAVE price has started wave C of the ABC structure (black). If so, it could rise to $135.50. A daily close below $72 might negate this possibility.

AAVE Price Breakout crypto market
AAVE/USDT Chart by TradingView

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